Monday, November 2, 2009

The great pumpkin: 40.5 weeks

Except Mom and I didn't wear orange. She dressed us as a big black cat for Halloween.

(Yolanda's son, James, did come as a pumpkin.)

And Dad, you devil you.

Dad's office had a little Halloween party for all the kids, so of course I went. I was probably the youngest one there.

I didn't get to wear the swinging Halloween outfit Mom got for me, but she assures me I'll be get to wear it anyway once I hatch.

Whenever that might be.
Mom and Dad seem to have figured out that I'm on the 42 week plan. it was supposed to be a secret.
It's just so gosh darn comfy in here. At least once I push Mom's stomach, bladder, intestines, and diaphragm out of the way. Arguably, I'm practicing pushing off the starting block and will be a great swimmer.
Back to the party: Mom made delicious brains. They were a big hit.
Ok, ok, they weren't really brains. they were some of her fantastic cupcakes.
In costume, of course.

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