Monday, January 31, 2011

Snow Boots

What what!?! you might be saying to yourself right about now.
Is that a fantastic 2nd hair cut we detect?
Yes, but you digress...

Back to my snow boots...

While they are fabulous for strolling about our kitchen, they really aren't for here*; they're for vakay. As you may know, Mom and Dad are getting the heck out of dodge for Mardi Gras this year: Utah. I'm not sure how much skiing they'll really be doing, but it'll be a nice change of scenery. I'll be checking out the mountain's day care, which could go really well. Or really wrong.

Regardless, it's really a win-win situation: Tenzing got a box, and I got snow boots for for wandering the mean streets Park City.

* unless Mom pulls the old New Orleans fur coat trick: turn the AC on and get the house nice a chilly so I have a chance to wear them here

Saints vs Seahawks

My game face. My team: SU, clearly.

Mom and Dad had some friends over for the Saints last game of the season. Escipion and I had a rip-roaring time with my mail cart.

It was fun. Even if they lost.

I think E might have taken it harder than me.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Holiday Playdate

So, I've been so busy helping mom and playing and undecorating and redecorating for Mardi Gras* and chasing the cats, that I simply haven't had a moment to sit down and really tell you all about my super fun Christmas. This one was waaaay cooler than the previous year -- mostly because I (and Mom and Dad) was a little more sentient.
I've got lots of pictures to post, but not tonight... Here's a little taste of one playdate. It's snack time with Sullivan and Catherine! The Goldfish are nearly within reach. Natch. Mom looked down just in time.

* Mardi Gras is probably Mom's least favorite holiday, but she really likes having lights and wreaths and such, so... I directed her upstairs balcony lighting project today -- from the safety of the bedroom. Zsa Zsa went outside and was helping until she tried to fly. Needless to say, it did not work. Poor ZZ. She seems to be a little sore this evening. Perhaps I will finally catch her [tomorrow].

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Yin & yang

My darling kittens. So sweet. So innocent. So deceptive.

The real question is: Can you not see their tails or did I pull them off?