Wednesday, April 28, 2010

JazzFest 2010

Mom and Dad took me to my first concert last weekend: JazzFest.
According to them, it was the best one yet (versus a monsoon 2 years ago and an unhatched me and sunburned scalp on Mom last year).

Here I am before we left. I was trying really hard to poop before we got there, so I'm concentrating. Hard.

Cool outfit right? (It's a Mimi special)

Mom and Dad got a great parking spot in Bayou St. John and the nice people across the street invited them over to their house party.

Mom thought it was a little early in the day for Tequila shots, so Dad had two!

(She whispered to me that any time of the day was too early for Tequila shots)

Mom and Dad finally made it to the official festivities and met up with Heather, John, and Sullivan, and Tiki, William, and Ryan. Here are the Bob-sy triplets:

We wandered around a bit and then went the Shell Tent to get water, nurse, and hang out a little...

And I met another Marcus. Can you believe it?

Then we went and listened to the Imagination Movers, who were really awesome. I mean, look at this crowd!

The parents get really in to it. Who knew that parents could get so into kid rock?
I totally enjoyed it.

I mean my nap :)

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Are orange.
Just like my hair.

And my face now.

They are a wee bit messy.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

As if you didn't know who my Dad really is...

Mom was starting to wonder why I look a little like this guy. I think it's mostly the hair -- though I don't even need hair gel:


This outfit clearly proves that Brian is my Dad.

I'm not sure why I'm holding on to the scale for dear life, but it was a bumpy ride on the way over. On the plus side, I'm almost 14.5 lbs!

And my food experiments are going pretty well. So far, my favorite is sweet potatoes with oatmeal. Carrots are hmm-mmm. I mean, they're ok, nothing like the nectar of the gods, or anything, but I'll eat them. Yogurt is pretty tasty. Which means that we know who my Mom is, because she loves some plain yogurt. I did notice she's not sharing her Fage with me, but I guess that's ok.

Monday, April 19, 2010


No, not this one:

Though Mom did have quite an affinity for running the museum steps in Philly. Alas, that was before I knew her.

I mean this guy:

Not to be missed -- my piggies wanted in on the camera action, too.

Rocky is a friend of my Uncle JP's from waaay back when he and Mom lived in Baton Rouge. Mom hadn't seen him in probably 20 years! Rocky was working as a massage therapist for the Ironman Triathalon held in NOLA on Sunday. It's the one day out of the year that the city looks healthy. Of course, then all those fit people leave, and we're left with hand-grenade-swilling-fried-dough-munching regulars...

Since Abita sponsors the race (every race, it seems), the athletes all tend to stagger, bob and weave out of the park once they're done.
But they look fit doing it!

Mom and Dad went to visit Rocky down at the park where the athletes finish up. Rocky spotted them coming and Mom was impressed. She couldn't figure out how -- and he said, "Well, you look like your mom."

We thought Nana would find that entertaining.

Friday, April 16, 2010


I do so love Dragon. We hang out and speak Spanish, French, and English together. I mostly say, "Guh" and laugh about how fantastic Dragon's singing is.

And look at how good I'm getting at sitting up. Mom makes me do 20 push-ups and hold plank pose for a minute every day.

Just kidding.

But I do roll around all over my crib and am pretty good at crawling motions with one leg. Not sure what's going on with the other leg...

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Right in the kisser.

I'm joking -- we were gently touching each other.

Here I am hanging out with Luca at Snuggles and Struggles. It had been a few weeks since we hung out -- he was in Florida, so we had a lot of catching up to do.
It mostly involved checking out each other's hands and faces (noses, too!) and passing along secret baby talk that our moms couldn't understand.

Luca was telling me all about separation anxiety and sitting up.
I was telling him all about pulling my hair out. And skipping over sitting to get straight to running.

Good times.

And I made it to 14 pounds 3.4 ounces!

Yay for apples and apricots and rice!

Friday, April 9, 2010

5 month check up

Thursday was a busy day. I clearly had a rugby match in the morning.
With Dad's tie. I must of won, since he isn't wearing one...

Then mom took me to the doctor for my check up. And Dr. Oates stuck me twice. Boo hoo! I was not happy, but forgot pretty quickly.

More importantly, I weighed in at an even 14 pounds.

And the doctor confirmed Mom's suspicion that I am a tall skinny kid:
14 pounds = 10-25th percentile
26.5 inches = 75-90th percentile

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Giant Baybee


I am a giant baybee (13 pounds, 13.4 ounces).

Ok, not really, but I am closing in on that fourteen pound mark. I suspect that if mom keeps giving me that tasty fruit and rice combo, I'll chunk up in no time.

Kidding, kidding. I'm rolling around all over the place and using up tons of energy, so the simple carbs are a nice addition. I am working on some fun leg movements that go with crawling -- no idea what to do with my arms, but I'm pretty mobile.

Mom did try to pawn off that fake fruit, avocado, on me Tuesday.

I say phooey. Yuck, yuck. And made a lot of funny faces while mom fed me. And cried a lot later in the day. Much crying. Of the inconsolable variety. More crying than anyone's heard from me in quite some time. I do not like avocado -- it made me feel kind of sick and a little rashy, so that's off the list for now.

All was better Wednesday once I realized Mom was strapping me in to feed me something yummy! I was giving her some looks of serious concern until that first bite, given what happened the day before. Yay for nanners!

And I seem to be working on some tooths. Those aren't much fun -- for me or Mom, though I am being nicer to her boobs*... Mom is going to see what the doctor says about them at my appointment on Friday.

* That whole can't-bite-the-boob-that-feeds-you thing started to sink in. For now.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Cousin Don's visit

We like Cousin Don. He's fun and makes an arm swing for me. Don and his friend, Paul, came over Monday night to say hi before heading back to DC on an early morning flight. Mom and Dad had a god time -- and mom was excited because she actually got a 2nd night off from cooking and/or cleaning up.

It's the simple things in life that make her happy.

Thursday, April 1, 2010


Here I am hanging with Ryan's dad, William. He's a ginger, too. Maybe I'll grow a big beard next week -- you know so we match.

I may appear somewhat hesitant, but we were having a pretty good time.

Hangin' w/ Mom

Here's a couple of pics of me and Mom. I know, I know, I look adorable - what else is new?

I know, I know, Mom's top really make my eyes pop.

We're sort of color coordinated...

Jumpin' Jack Flash

I am like a whirling dervish...

Mom got me this cool bouncer and started using it this week.

Partly because I rolled my way off the bed.

No worries, though, I'm still alive. And without a scratch. Or bump. Or broken bone.
Or broken head.

Mom's got lots of residual Catholic guilt (almost 20 years post-Catholicism), but now she understand that babies can move pretty quick. And we are not to be trusted on the bed. Even if we seem tired.

Overall, we've had a great rest of the week. It has involved pears, which has been fun. And a touch of rice cereal (like 1/8 tsp mixed with some mom juice), which I think is pretty disgusting.

As evidenced by how much spit up I've made.

Pears: yes. Rice cereal: Bleh.

Up next: carrots. And bananas, which I think look pretty tasty.