Sunday, October 30, 2011

Fo Fo

Or FLORIDA, as Mom and Dad say. Personally, I like the way Fo Fo rolls off the tongue.
We took a little trip to St. Petersburg before Halloween for my cousin Matt's wedding. It was super-fly.
Mom and Dad sure do clean up nice.

Why don't you dress like this for playdates, Mom?

Who is that dashing fella?

We took an airplane (which is cool except for that whole take-off and landing thing), went swimming, found a kid's festival, hung out with some of my favorite people, and, best of all, practically lived on Cheerios and Goldfish for 2 days. For some reason, Mom and Dad were less thrilled about that last part.

Here's me getting ready to make a speech. Applause is wonderful. Seriously, a whole room full of people clapping. OMG. Fabulous.

Toastmasters, here I come!

Mimi! Pop Pop!

Oh, Chi Chi (Tito), you are so funny.
Seriously, I had so much fun hanging out with Uncle Ari. We played all my favorite games and went swimming with Mom. It was awesome and I can't wait to see him again. Mom thought Tito and I made a really good team.

Swimming in October: fantastic. Until it gets cloudy.

Bouncy houses rock. Who knew?

Cha Cha (Aunt Chavie) and I really tore it up while Mom and Dad went to the wedding. It was so much fun playing and touring the hotel so I could pick up old ladies. And some younger ones, too. And I impressed her by eating a lot of my bell peppers. (Even I get tired of Cheerios and Goldfish, but don't tell Mom and Dad. Mmm-kay?) Mom was really happy to see her and to catch up.

And then we came home and got ready for Halloween...

Here's a slideshow with all our Fo-Fo pictures:

Thursday, October 27, 2011

0, C220, w

What on Earth? What code is this of which you speak?
Well, Mom and I went for a little walk. My two favorite things to do on walks is to ask, "Uh dah?" (What's that?) and to play a game we call Captain Obvious, which involves pointing out stop signs, noses, dogs, birds, etc. Mom gets excited when I tell her all the stuff I know.

What Mom didn't realize was that the sole purpose of our walk this day was for me to practice my reading...
First there was zee-uh.

That's zero, for the uninitiated.

Then we hit too.

Cee too too zee-uh, to be more exact.

And then, just because I was really showing off, dub-uh.

Mom was pretty impressed, though I refused to play with those C23x series labels. Three. What a silly number. Everyone knows 0, 2, and 5 are the coolest. 7 isn't too bad. And 1 is ok, but 3? Come on.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Big Chair Shout Out

We all know that high chairs are for babies. And I.Am.NOT.A.Baby. I am a BIG BOY.
The biggest*.

Unfortunately, if you try to put me in a regular chair, the affect is something like this:


But not so conducive for eating. Or much else.

Enter Nana and Pops and their AWESOME, totally rocking (not literally) chair. For me.
My big boy ergonomically designed chair -- for the dining table (and beyond).

That will grow with me.

I like that I can get in and out by myself. Because we all know, "I do. I do." Plus, there's a place to rest my feet. That dangling action is really not conducive to eating.

special thanks to Blogger for rotating Mom's picture!

See: Much happier eating.

Besides, we all know that the Swedes (designers of the original Stokke chair) know a thing or 2* about furniture design.

I mean, see how happy this kid is about his Stokke? One can only hope that my enjoyment (and size) will reach this level for meal time.

Thanks to Nana and Pops! Happy Meal*** takes on a whole new meaning!

* apparently this attitude is known as a Napoleon Complex. Whatever that means.
** incidentally, 2 is my favorite number. So much so that I prefer to count zero, two, two, two, five. Mom didn't realize what a can or worms she opened in trying to get me to answer the question, "How old are you?" a little ahead of schedule.
*** I have no idea what a Happy Meal is. I also have no idea what a sucker is, which elicited a look of shock and, dare I say, extreme concern from a food vendor at the BBQ and Blues festival last weekend. Really, Mom, you gotta get on the ball and start teaching me about the the 6th food group.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Pumpkin Patch

We went pumpkin shopping. You know, in honor of Halloween.

So orange, so round.

So Orangeman-like.

Tres Marcus.

Did I mention tasty? Mmmm.

First, find the right pumpkin...

This one is nice.

Tastes good.

Bring it on over.

Arrange them pretty. All done. [brush hands off]

This Halloween thing is getting better and better.

And then we went out to dinner. For practice. I apparently get to go to a fancy dinner soon, and Mom and Dad are a tad worried about my table manners. Or lack thereof.
It went pretty well.
I mean, pizza is clearly poison*. (Clearly nothing fancy about dinner.) That Mom, she's always trying to poison me. Though I did branch out and try blue cheese dressing. Not a fan. What can I say, I heart mint dressing.

On the way home we stopped to take a picture of this crane hanging out in our neighbor's yard.

It almost looked like a statue.

We got home, brushed my teeth, and then Mom gave me her dish gloves, you know, since she didn't have to do dishes -- a really nice perk. Usually I have a little tantrum during dinner clean-up: How dare Mom use her gloves to do the dishes.

* "I sah-ee" (I'm sorry), Grampa. I know, it's blasphemy.

Monday, October 10, 2011

On tap

The first weekend in October, Dad got his teeth cleaned. I know. Exciting.
Look at those pearly whites. I appear blinded by them.

Ok, not really, but it was not a wasted trip: The dentist told Dad about this awesome festival at City Park.

Here I am practicing my duck calls

New Orleans is the city of festivals -- we have them for music, animals, people, food, neighborhoods. If you can think of a reason to festival (e.g., days of the week ending in Y), then we've got it. Really, it's just that people here love to eat and drink and are always looking for an excuse to do one or both. We're pretty sure it would take a few years to actually go to every festival here -- and that would be with due diligence since there are often multiple per weekend.

That said, New Orleans on Tap is officially our new favorite festival. It combines beer and dogs.

Hmm, 2 of these cups have beer?I look awfully happy, so it's pretty hard to guess. Eeny meeny miney moe...

Honestly, who could ask for more. Let's count the ways it rocks:
  • good cause (SPCA-sponsored)
  • free admission
  • lots of dogs -- all shapes and sizes (Great Dane puppies are really cute in a gigantic kind of way...)
  • great food
  • awesome music that doesn't cause hearing damage
  • not too crowded
  • beer samples (because who really needs more than a little cup)
  • did I mention the dogs? A solid white basset hound. No more description is needed. And I really like those furry ones.

eyeing my next petting victim and considering going pre-dinner berzerkers

Rumor has it that the next festival involves costumes and this thing called candy*, so that sounds fun. That stupid hat Mom keeps trying to stick on my head isn't working for me, but...

*It's true: I don't actually know what candy is. All manner of baked goods -- yes, but not candy. Mom says it with a funny voice, so it must be good.
Hmm, wait, she kind of says broccoli in a fun voice, too. She's a tricky one that Mom. I'm on to her. Forget candy -- it's probably poison. Like frosting... Oh wait, I like frosting now.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Marcus: Part child...

Part mouse. Or gerbil. Possibly hamster.

Really, it's hard to say.

Whoever knew that the plastic from the new lettuce tub could be so exciting. I had to fight Tenzing for it -- clearly I won.
You should see what I can do with this game called fetch.

Up next: Ribbon Dancing