Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Grand Tour de l'alimentation et la vie

Or: The Grand Tour of Food and Life

In the almost 2 weeks since I hatched, mom and dad have really been getting the hang of me. I have been putting them through an intense training regimen and am please to report that they have exceeded my expectation. They can both change my diaper while avoiding the dreaded projectile poop. I tend to aim it at the wall for dad (and it really does run down the entire wall so they have to pull the dresser out to get it all) and the airpot for mom. They unfortunately do occasionally have to wash all the cloth diapers if I drop a bomb during a changing.
I just feel so airy and free as a lark once they take my diaper off that, well, you know...
My fire hose does still get them once in a while. Or at least the cloth on top of me, my shirt, and, if I'm really lucky, my socks. I hate socks, so, all the better. I'm pretty good at taking them off anyway.
Regardless of which one it is, mom and dad think it's pretty funny so I'm happy to keep making them laugh. It's the least I can do, right?
Really, I'm practicing to be the next Jackson Pollack (sans cancer stick, of course):

And mom can nurse me with one arm, which is handy for when she wants to multitask. Speaking of multitasking, I sometimes like to poop while eating, which always gets some funny faces out of mom.

I had my 1 week check-up on the 12th and amazed everyone with my alertness and neck control. Mom is pretty sure the doctor tells everyone they have a perfect baby, but she still went ahead and let her ego be fluffed. To substantiate my amazing eating skills, I gained back the 5 oz I lost, plus 4 more. So I weighed in at 7 lb 12 oz last Thursday. I did lose a half inch -- but Pops says it's because I'm less coneheaded and my caput went down some.
Oh well, I'll just fluff my hair next time.
I can't wait to see what I weigh at my next appointment -- when I'm a whole month old. That'll be Mom's b-day, so I plan to do her proud.

And, let's see, what else?
Mimi helped mom figure out how to to use the Moby last night, which is awesome.

They practiced on an unwitting Raggedy Andy. Poor fella.

I fit much better than he did -- I mean without having my legs folded up next to my head. This means, mom really can hold me all the time if I want her to.
Maybe not the best thing, but she can take me for walks and vacuum. She still loves that vacuum -- in fact, I got so used to it before hand, that I kind of like the sound. Or at least I don't dislike it.

Yesterday I also had my first sponge bath which was fantastic. I thoroughly enjoyed it, which allayed Mom's fears. She thought it would be like rocket science, but it was easy breezy. And it knocked some of my peeling skin off for a day... My hair was nice and soft afterwards.

And since last Thursday, Mimi and Pops took us on culinary tour of the city.

We went to Domenica, Dragos, NOLA, and Commanders Palace for brunch (Mom took Mimi and me to St. James Cheese Company for lunch yesterday, which made us all feel like we were on vakay). Here's some pictures from Commanders:

Needless to say, I slept through their song (Baby face, you got the cutest little baby face...), but that's no different than any of the other meals. I let mom finish eating before I decide to wake up, which means she got to practice nursing in public. She quickly discovered that not having her Boppy and comfy chair means that she requires some extra hands at this stage.
And I wasn't thrilled about that diaper change on 2 chairs at a coffee shop... Thankfully Mimi was there. Well, I guess it would have been ok, but I really had to go and soaked my clothes. Mom had packed a change -- but it was the shirt I came home from the hospital in and I outgrew it. So after suffering the indignity of being stuffed into a too small shirt -- a crop top, really -- Dad cut it off of me at the next clothing change.

So right now, I'm waiting for Mom to finish the laundry so she can feed me some more and change my diaper. Mostly, I'm just super excited for Dad to come home tonight so I can pee on him. I mean make googly eyes with him. He's awesome and Mom and I really missed him the last 2 nights (he went to Chicago for an important ERISA meeting). I kind of gave mom a hard time the first night because she let me sleep too long during our trip to Commanders. Dad said I'm getting a time out, but I'm pretty sure when he sees me, he'll forget all about that silly little threat. I am quite cute -- plus my Jedi mind tricks are quite powerful.

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Urbancowgrrl said...

We're looking forward to meeting Marcus! We hope to be there next Monday evening although right now EJ and I both appear to have the swine flu. If we can all get well and JP can stay healthy we'll be there! Love, Julia, JP & Emma June