Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mom's Day

Dear Mom,
I wanted to wish you a happy mama's day. You gave me life. And I gave you chronic sleep deprivation. You gave me awesome cars from CVS. And I gave you a lifelong aversion to crawfish. You gave me red hair. And I gave you grey ones.
I could go on, but you get the idea... It all balances out, right?
We had fun making cards to send to everyone -- I'm glad your card came on time. Nugget says she enjoyed her photo shoot, too. And that she enjoyed signing her real name for everyone.
Marcus (and Aliza)

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Pop Pop's visit

Pop Pop stayed with us for 2 weeks! And then he was having so much fun that he stayed an extra week!
Here's a run down of how it went:
week 1: Mom dragged Pop Pop to school every day so he could help with the school fundraiser. He loved it. Who knew that those surgical skills would come in so handy for preparing sliced strawberries for 500? Pop Pop showed off his mad grilling skills and taught Dad about actually cleaning the grill.
Me and Mom checking out Pop Pop's handiwork
Libby's mom, Debbie, with her friends and me with Dad and Pop Pop
Ada's mom, Ellen, the volunteer coordinator, with Pop Pop and Dad
Callie's Dad, Brent, with me and Mom
 week 2: I let Pop Pop relax a little more and sleep until at least 6.30. Just kidding. More like 6.45. That doesn't mean I slept that late... We went for some long walks around the neighborhood, we went to gymnastics and the Children's Museum, did some backyard swimming, painted my awesome castle, and assembled Ikea bookcases so that I could move into my awesome-cool-new room. I introduced Pop Pop to the joys of the Pelican Point car wash.


week 3: I let Pop Pop sleep until like 7 am. He reminded me how delicious bagels with cream cheese are. We spent a day downtown: haircuts for Dad and me, then the aquarium, then Pinkberry. I reintroduced Pop Pop to Pelican Point and showed him where the cool cars are at CVS. Dad and Pop Pop had a date night while me and Mom had a date night. We all went for sushi. And more Pinkberry!


I was pretty sad to see Pop Pop go, but I was also pretty excited to move into my awesome-cool-new room. And I know he'll be back to visit soon! And to go to Pelican Point! And Pinkberry!