Monday, July 29, 2013

Camp week 7

It's hard to believe that camp is almost over for the summer -- well, M-F camp. Week 7 was a lot of fun, no big surprise there. Our newsletter this week summarized things pretty well and I'm going to use some of it here...Chaverim 1 pretended to be little Michaelangelos: We got to make our very own picture by drawing upside down. It was silly, and fun, and we loved every minute of it. We all asked our counselors if we could do all our art upside down.
Note the crossed legs. I am concentrating hard on my art skillz.
I, in turn, asked Dad to hold me upside down. By my ankles. Slightly different affect.
We learned how to say mom and dad in Hebrew thanks to Mr. Tamir's teachings. I told everyone that my "sister is prettier than any girl!" Watermelon Wednesday involved one of my favorite fruits and a heckuva lot of pre-treat on my shirt.
technically lunch, not watermelons; Jacob really likes turkey
Thursday I got the all clear (on the fluid in my ears) from the pediatrician, and Mom denied me the nectar of the Gods, aka Milk Bar shake. Boo hiss, Mom. Finally, on Friday, Aunt Donna came to Oneg Shabbat and then I went home with her for a little while. Mom helped me pack the night before since I needed to bring some toys, books, and my jammies. Mom didn't quite understand that I only needed 2 cars because "Uncle Dan doesn't know how to play cars"; she mostly just found that statement very funny. I may or may not have ingested large quantities of sugar. I'm not telling. We had a a lot of fun and Aunt Donna and Uncle Dan brought me back for bedtime. Good times.
Saturday and Sunday I continued to perfect my waking up early to go into Mom and Dad's room. For some reason, they are not so excited about my 5.30 and 6 am arrivals... It makes for so much more interesting of a day, so I don't get it. When I get an early start like that, it insures I hit "train wreck" status early enough in the day to exhaust everyone. I did go to Dad's soccer game on Saturday and had fun holding down the bench, but Sunday I was mostly just a Betty Bunny handful.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Divine Miss A

The lovely Miss Aliza finally arrived on July 2, 2013 at 6.03 pm.

She came after Mom was in labor for about 21 hours, but only 45 minutes after Mom's water broke, whatever that means.

She weighed in at a hefty 5 pounds 14 ounces but was almost as long as me when I hatched. She came home on the 4th of July and the country club celebrated with fireworks.
I was busy having a blast with Gramma, otherwise known as Super Gramma, who really kept me thoroughly entertained and crafted for 2 weeks. I was also busy with that nasty cold I mentioned in an earlier post, so I guess I was kind of keeping Gramma busy, too. She let me practice taking pictures with her camera, which was a lot of fun:

And we picked up leaves and did other gardening every day. We ate banana pancakes almost every day and talked to Grampa, too. We generally had a really awesome time while Mom and Dad were at the hospital and figuring out which way was up the first week home. (I'm not actually sure they know which way is up yet, but they do seem to be keeping our names straight. For now.)
I think Aliza is pretty awesome, though it has been a little bit of an adjustment, and I'm still not crazy about this whole sharing Mom thing.
Mom and me on July 5th
Mostly, I'm just a really great big brother and love trying to help her be happy if she's crying and holding her. (NOTE: Mom did kind of freak out this morning when I picked her up with out asking for help... something or other about her neck and breathing being important). I enjoy coughing on everyone right now, but am trying really hard not to cough on her -- since apparently germs are not something I should share. Rules, rules, rules. Share this, not that. So hard to keep it all straight.
There's really too many pictures to share, but here's a few we like:
First week home

Not Mom's chest. Swear.

Put your hands up! or the Harry Houdini of swaddles

First week home

The cake Mom made for Aliza's bday

To eat or not to eat? That is the question.

Little piggies


More today

Camp week 6

Week 6 at camp involved waterslide Wednesday again: woo hoo!
It was even bigger than the last one and I totally rocked it.
Hanging with my Chaverim 1 home boyz (L-R): Charlie, Chase, Jacob
Chaverim 1 had it's big performance at Oneg Shabbat: One Thing by One Direction. It's totally my new favorite song -- and Dad's, too. Love the Elton John glasses and our little dance.

Miss Shayla and me
Miss Shayla borrowing my glasses
Also, Pop Pop is visiting and at the end of the week we went to my first ever movie at the theater! Dad, Pop Pop , and I saw most of Monsters University. I say most because I don't really see the need to stay for a whole movie.
And I spent a lot of time hanging out with Aliza and being super cute.

The First Week of July

Was pretty busy!
Mom had a baby
I had whipped cream with fruit at camp!
I had a nasty cold that turned into an ear infection (or reverse that order)
And I still managed to make the slide show at camp for week 4. 

And I got to go swimming at Mr. Howard's house. Woo hoo!