Friday, June 28, 2013

Meet Khaki

Week 2 at camp was pretty awesome. It was fantasy week, and though I opted not to wear a costume again on Friday, Miss Shayla totally rocked her fairy costume! Sadly, her pictures didn't make the slideshow :-(
Luke, Becky, and Nissa
Marcus and Madeline
Scoping out the scene
Swimming is being affected by those pesky afternoon deluges, but so it goes living in the Armpit of Hades. But we still have the sprinklers! Here we are enjoying a nice dip in the baby pool:
Me and Ada, who is getting a little sister in August
Hot tubbing!
 Mom said that I'm getting lots of compliments from the lifeguards and counselors about what a strong swimmer I am. Yay me. I've advanced to level 3 in my swimming, which means I get to work on rotary breathing, among other skills. I'm stoked to swim laps with Mom.
This week we also got to bring home some new friends -- complete with birth certificates! Meet Khaki. We think he's a rottweiler.

There were 2 options: here's some of my lady friends with their choices:
Adi, Sophia, and Madeline
Adi, Sophia, and Madeline
Good times! Mom's favorite part of the Shabbat service, which includes skits, singing, and a slideshow of the week, was the older kids doing a riff on Icona Pop's I Love It that included lines like "I put sunscreen on my skin. Because I don't want to burn. I got into my car and drove to the J-C-C..." complete with some awesome YMCA-esque arm movements. Mom and I had a great time boogying to it in our seat!
Here it is:

Here's the actual song:

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Dad's Day

To all the Dad's in my life: Here's to you! And all the grey hairs I've given you...

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Our nugget: Aliza Hailey Rose

As you probably all know by now, I'm going to to be taking on the new roll of big brother very soon. I'm stoked.
We decided that she probably needs an official non-Nugget name. So here's what we came up with:
for Oma/Liza, Hebrew name meaning joyful
for Nana's mom
for Dad's Grandma and Leslie's favorite flower

I think Mom and Dad realize that Aliza will probably still be called Nugget, even though we have 3 names to choose from. I'm kind of partial to Rosie, like Caillou's little sister.
And at least Mom and Dad didn't go all Uma Thurman with her name (Uma Thurman’s Daughter Has Seven Names)...
In the mean time, I'm busy helping Mom prepare for my new sister's arrival!
Me, not napping, in Nugget pose

Me, not napping again, in Nugget pose

Me, not napping for real, in Nugget pose again -- with ZZ

Hello mudda, hello fadda

I started camp at the JCC this week. It's awesome! I am having so much fun: we go swimming twice a day, play, do art projects, exercise, singing, dancing, and drama. (And naptime!)
testing out my new dinosaur nap mat
The counselors are all very kind, sweet, and funny. My favorite is Miss Shayla, who is actually the assistant director -- she likes me a lot and does a great Thing 2 impersonation. This week was Dr. Suess week, which ended with the counselors doing a funny skit based on Oh, The Places You Will Go. Amazing what substituting in the name Mordechai can do to a story...

I'm in the Chaverim 1 class with a lot of kids from school, but there are a lot of new kids in other classes that I get to make friends with, too. Our counselors are Miss Brooke, Mr. Preston, Miss Daniela, and Miss Heather.
Here's some pictures from the first week!
Water slide day!
Marcus and Becky enjoying a cool treat

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Handprint project

Here's a look at the handprint project everyone helped us create. We are so happy with the way it looks! 
We need a few prints still (Nugget is really giving Mom a hard time about getting hand printed at this stage), and we're going to get prints from a few other folks for Phase 2.
Thanks, everybody - my big boy room is looking pretty awesome!