Monday, November 29, 2010

Lunch: Part 2 AND my hair cut

I am much neater now. Guess my hair really was in my eyes! I got my hairs cut, too -- it was fun, though I did try to go Sixteen Candles on the hair dresser by swinging my head suddenly... Next time.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Lunch: Part 1

Shocking that I'm not malnourished, right? If you put enough in front of me, I'm bound to get at least 5% in my mouth.

The other 95%? Well, let's see: sleeves - check, floor - check, bib pocket - definitely check, high chair - HA, pants - of course, hair - sometimes

Someone's gotta keep mom busy...

Inaugural trike ride

The week before Thanksgiving, Aunt Donna came over so we could play -- and Mom could go get her hairs cut.

She has a lot of hairs, so we had lots of time to take my RAD new trike (thnx Mimi and PopPop!) out for a spin around the neighborhood. It was loads of fun and as usual Aunt Donna wore me out.

I suspect I may have worn her out, too :)

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Sunday stroll

You may have doubted me about this whole walking thing, so I did a little tour for Dad. Dad's phone unfortunately does not store much, but here's a little taste. An amuse-bouche, if you will.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Escipion's birthday

The week after my birthday, my buddy, Escipion, had his bday. It was a lot of fun. His Mom and Dad got a pinata -- and they even put stuff inside of it*.

I still think cake is gross, but Mom and Dad think it's pretty tasty.
Here's me and Mom goofing around:

She thought it was a good look. I'm not so sure that glasses really make her look smarter.

* Uncle JP has a good story about what happens if your parents forget to fill the pinata.

The Not-So-Distant Past

October, that is.
I know, I know, you thought I forgot. But really I was just so busy that I didn't have time to sort through all my pictures.
We had company mid-month. Dad's cousin, Natali came down from NYC. She was a lot of fun and we had a really good time playing together. We all went to Tot Shabbat, which was great -- like music class and Sunday school all rolled into one. I even sat in my little chair and played the maracas!

We also went to BBQ and Blues festival, which was pretty awesome -- though there was no instrument playing for me there.

The next weekend we went to Boo at the Zoo. Arrrr, matey.

Mom and Dad were going to dress me as a parrot, but thankfully I escaped that idea. Besides, it might have looked like I belonged with a different family, given that Chris's family were all birds.

Here's more pictures:

Then the next weekend it was finally Halloween! Woopee! I got to dress up as a monkey this time.

Before I discovered my tail.
Mom was a devil (isn't she anyway?) and Dad was [arrrr] a pirate again.

We went trick-or-treating around the neighborhood. And one of our neighbors really tricked out my ride -- love the banana leaves!

And here's the full set of photos:

That was it for October, save for some cat chasing.


pushing my mail cart around,

and generally being a diva...


Here I am stalking an unexpecting Zsa Zsa... Little does she know.

She is delicious.

Cat: It's what's for dinner

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Clean queen

Just in case there is ever a doubt that I'm related to Mom...

We've got to vacuum every day:

Pesky cat hair and dust.

I feel the need...

... the need for clean.

Who knew that cleaning was sooo much fun!?!

And my new found love of peanut butter proves that I really am related to Dad.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Did you hear me?

I said:

You may praise me.
Commence adoration.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Day 363

Dear Diary,
Day 363. What was on the agenda for today?

Nurse: check
Torture cats: check
Practice steering the mail cart: check
Eat finger foods: check
Poop: check, check
Have Mom feed me: check
Run errands with Mom: check
Nap: check
Playdate: check
Walk: check
Rearrange Mom's sock drawer: check
Walk again: check
Help fold laundry: check
Read: check
Walk-6-feet-just-to-make-sure-Mom-knows-that-I'm-not-joking-this-week*: check

Next week: running and seeing what kind of new dance mom does when I do so.

* Last week I took a couple steps to Mom's open arms, but decided that this whole walking thing was overrated -- despite the fantastic reaction -- and not worth pursuing. I changed my mind. I'm fickle, what can I say.