Sunday, February 28, 2010

This is how we roll

Tenzing shows me how to do it...

Mom loves loves loves seeing all her boys hanging out together on the weekend.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

A New World Record

For my weight.

I now weigh in at 12 pounds 7.6 ounces.

Go me.

And Mom. Can't forget Mom -- she's the one who feeds me!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Roly Poly

You may call me Super Baby.
Mom does.

I knocked her socks off on Monday by rolling over. Now, I've rolled over before, but
- only in one direction
- typically only once (without help)
- only after considerable howling

Monday, I rolled to my left and right -- in fact I started with seamlessly rolling to the opposite direction that I usually go in one smooth flop. I discovered that Mom will not only give me lots of kisses and help me stand up (which I find soothing and already count on her doing), she'll play toss-the-baby-in-the-air. I find this game enormously fun. And didn't even spit up on the rug. Or Mom. (I did that later.)

So, I got so happy, that Mom had me do it again.
FIVE more times. Ok, she helped me on the very last time, but it still counts.

Now, lest you think that this was all sunshine and buttercups, I did cry, quite vociferously each and every time. Strangely, enough, I sometimes like to cry harder once I do roll over. Kisses and toss-the-baby turn my frown upside down, though.

I get pretty tired doing all that exercise, so I had some mom juice and settled in for a a little lap nap. Until Mom called Larry the Contractor back. Oh Larry.
Larry and Mom interrupted my sleep to talk about landscaping and granite. I mean, seriously people.
Payback is hell: I planted some nice warm spit up on Mom's neck.

And then I waited until we were 3 miles into our exercise to start crying hard enough that everyone in the park stared at Mom like she was torturing me. I was just too wound up to take a nap, but I did finally calm down once all those bumps leveled out. Of course, by all those bumps "leveling out" I just mean that I was no longer at risk for shaken baby syndrome.

Oh, what a day.

I did calmly entertain myself while Mom showered after we came home (unusual). And she was dry before I started a new symphony. Then I helped her FloorMate, which was so nice and fun and pleasant smelling that I crashed in my sling.

Busy bee. And that was only MONDAY.

TUESDAY I forgot how to roll over. Or refused to be a pawn in Mom's circus. Sheez lady, gimme a break -- I'm not a trick pony. Or circus seal.

Our House

Mom and Dad were so excited to go check on the house Saturday. Larry did a lot of work while they were in Syracuse. Here's some new pictures that show the kitchen, stairs, my bathroom (black and white) and closet, the master bedroom and bath, and the upstairs porch:

Saturday, February 20, 2010


Mom and Dad took me on a BIG adventure for Mardi Gras.
And I don't mean back down to the Quarter...

We went to Syracuse! We got to take planes and see snow and visit with lots of family. And I got to sleep right in between Mom and Dad for like 4 days. I'm back to the co-sleeper now, though...
(Ok, actually I haven't been sleeping that well since we returned -- all part of my attempts to recapture the coveted middle position in their bed... I will fight Tenzing, if necessary.).

It was a busy day getting to SYR... Mom said that you should always dress nicely when you fly, so I did. Ta da:

Once we got to Mimi and PopPop's house, Mom helped me fly a little bit more:

I'm excited, can't you tell?

And I got to play with Aunt Emily and my older cousin, Sophia.

I gave Aunt Em some good practice for her baby #2. She was a lot of fun and carried me around a lot. And I thought about peeing on her during our diaper change, but decided that wouldn't be very nice.

You can tell Sophia and I are related because we both like our 2 fingers...
Of course Sophia is a big girl and gets to do lots of things that are beyond me (for now): like using a fork. Or chewing solid foods, for that matter...

Solid foods like yummy fruit popsicles.

Hey, I can look at them. A boy can dream, can't he? Besides I saw some Mom-juice-sicles in our freezer. If only I knew how to use my thumbs. And could reach the freezer handle. Ah well, I will live vicariously for now...

Aside from aspiring to be a big kid, like Sophia, I did get to spend a lot of quality time hanging out with Mimi and PopPop:

And I got to meet Mircea and Barbel, which Mom and Dad were so happy about. We Marks are good looking peeps:

And we all Skyped with Aunt Jenna, who is living in Israel. I missed getting to see her in person again, but Uncle Tito kept it real with me. He even helped Mom change my diaper. He and I have similar schedules: Eat, burp, nap, repeat. We're clearly soul brothers.

All-in-all, it was a very successful, fun trip. I generally like flying. I mostly dislike quick layovers, as everyone in the Chicago airport discovered on our mad dash between flights. I strongly dislike the TSA for breaking my car seat and screwing up my stroller. Of course, Mom is having so much fun dealing with the stack of paperwork related to that little mishap...
Most importantly, though, I really liked meeting (or re-meeting) all my aunts, uncles, cousins, and family friends. Everyone made me feel so special.
Which I am, but still, it's good to see my adoring public.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Casual Friday

Yes, I do look a little bored. Work was such a drag... Dragon kept playing the same songs, Isla the Inchworm was sleeping, the paparazzi kept flashing bulbs.
TGIF, right?!?!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

3 month stats

Mom took me to the doctor Tuesday so I could impress the good doctor with more amazing me-ness. (Ok, that's not why we were there, but it was a party bonus.) Dr. Oates marveled over my head control and alertness yet again and told Mom I'd be rolling over really soon.
[I was leaning towards simply going straight from laying on my back to running a marathon with Mom, but SIGH I guess we'll try this rolling over thing.]
Of course, then Dr. Oates stuck a needle in my leg -- both legs. I am not convinced that those fancy Band-aids and telling me how brave I am made up for it either.
As punishment, I decided to continue my nap strike.

Poor Mom.

Back to that whole rolling over thing: Mom makes me try it when we do tummy time and it's getting a little easier to roll front to back, but I get pretty ticked off. Back to front is something I've done in my sleep a couple times, so I can do it. I get mad, but it takes me awhile to realize what happened. And then woe-is-me...

I mean, why would I want to lay on my stomach, people? What's wrong with you?

Here's my new stats:
- weight: 12 pounds 1 ounce (50%)
- height: 24 inches (50%)

I'm not really so giant, but Mom keeps telling me what a big baybee I am and has graduated me almost completely into 3-6 month outfits (vs stuffing me into some of my older clothes).

And Mom and I finished our infant massage class -- that's her rubbing me, folks, not the other way around.
Wax on, wax off.

Sunday, February 7, 2010


We were a little pensive...

But what a fantastic Superbowl

And now, it's time for beddy bye

Umm, right, I went to bed like an hour ago... But Tenzing and Dad, you party animals.

i heart nola

For reals.

I even have a onesie to prove it! (A mom masterpiece, if I don't say so myself...)

Really, it's a fun place to hang -- see what a good time I'm having?


Barkus is the dog equivalent of Bacchus

Mom and Dad took me down to the French Quarter today for some Mardi Gras revelry at Heather, John, and Sullivan's house.

No. Not that much revelry.

We went for Barkus, the dog (well, animal) parade that benefits animal welfare organizations. It's a much tamer than all the other parades. And there are lots of kids and dogs... and Shetland ponies, Pygmie goats, and crazed Saints fans.

We had a great time and got to eat yummy King Cake and homemade jambalaya. We watched all the dogs -- well, I mostly watched Dad's chest (the brass bands were a bit much for me).

Here are me, Dad, John, and Sullivan:

Friday, February 5, 2010


Who knew that Pythagoras could inspire such cool fashion... I wonder who painted this onesie for me....

Hmm, could it be...DAD (a.k.a Mr. Math)?!?!

Nice face paint, Dad. Can I have some?

Hello, world

Hello, my adoring fans.