Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Busy Tuesday

Today Mom had a busy day planned for us.

First, my Aunt Julia, Uncle JP and cousin, Emma June came over to meet me and hang out. Here's JP trying to eat my brains.

And Julia and EJ being super cute. Or rather, just being themselves

After they left for the day, Mom's friend Kristal came over with her boyfriend, Roy. Kristal is studying to be a doctor at Tulane and worked with Mom at UPenn. She thought I was pretty cute. I thought about showing my approval by peeing, but decided to cry for Mom Juice instead.

And then we went to go meet my first dude friend, Sullivan. His mom and dad are Heather and John. Sullivan and Ryan have a lot in common: they put their moms through 42- and 37-hour labors, respectively.

See Mom, don't ever tell me I''m difficult. Even if I am having an I-want-to-nurse-all-day-and-don't-you-dare-try-to-put-me-down-to-pee days.

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