Monday, July 26, 2010


Superman leaps tall building in a single bound.

Spiderman is way cooler, though. Part man, part arachnid.

Plus his outfit is way cooler.

Here I am trying out my Spidey moves. Who needs a building when you've got a nightstand that you can crawl onto. Haven't quite figured out how to use these finger things, but who really needs a pincer grasp?

Really, why does Mom buy me toys? She should just buy more furniture.

And a slide. A big slide.

Standing and cruising are my favorite things to do now. Today I pulled myself up using a fairly unstable object because I wanted what was on it (a coaster). I got up got the coaster and got so excited that I held the coaster with both hands.

Needless to say, that 4 seconds seemed like an eternity. At least to Mom. She was rather amused, despite my TIMBER. (This TIMBER went a little better than the one yesterday when I bit my lip. Did you know that split lips bleed like stuck pigs? I was meh-I'm-all-better after about 5 minutes, but Mom did mention changing my name to Fight Club this week.)

And I've figured out how to open my bookcase. Reading is fun! Of course, sometimes you have to pull out all the books to find the perfect one...

Saturday, July 17, 2010


Possibly not what you thought I meant.

Perhaps you were thinking:

Alas, my cruising is also exciting and new. And I have set a course for adventure.

It just happens to involve a dining chair, mom, and Tenzing.

These shots are all from the 17th, and I'm waaaay more advanced in my cruising now. In fact, I'm so fast, Mom and Dad can't even get the camera to keep up.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Rainbow Connection

After the storm
The clouds abate
Our walk continues
So does the rain

squeak step squeak step

Through a tropical paradise
Metairie Playground

squeak step squeak step

A rainbow forms
Earth smiling at sky

squeak step squeak step

Falcon and sparrow high above
Converse about the day

squeak step squeak step

Dragonflies give chase
Dancing around us
Their own rainbow of colors

squeak step squeak step

Another lap around
The dreams of my nap

too bad the picture doesn't really do the rainbow justice...

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Fountain of Youth

One of my favorite new discoveries is the kitty cats' water fountain.

It's so cool and refreshing and does wonders for my youthful appearance.

Of course, this whole camera lens thing looks like a fun new toy, too...

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Red, White, and Blue

Me, Mom, and Dad had a very lovely 4th. It was waaaay better than the 3rd, which included: non-napping, a fever of 102, a solids strike (pretty much), and keeping Mom (and Dad) awake for much of the night. Bottom line: I didn't feel well. At all.
Some might argue that those adorable teeth you see are to blame. I think it's the ones you don't see yet. (#6 is breaking through this week and something seems to be happening in the back of my mouth where my molars go!)
Good times.

The 4th, however, included napping, playing airplane (below),

eating a little real food, and kicking it with my main peeps.

(We won't talk about bedtime right now. That didn't go very well. At least I have my laptop in the crib...)

Here's me and Mom during the happy part of the day:

Balance is key, so Mom had to get both of my cheeks. I don't mind. She's a nice lady.

And I got to play horsey with her hair:

And she got to extract me:

But I stole her hair clip! Bwah ha ha ha ha!

(Or tried to)

SYR: The lost pictures

Mom finally got around to uploading a bunch of pictures off her diaper bag camera. Including some. OMG. Too cute pics of me and Pop Pop from when we were in SYR over Memorial Day weekend.