Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Nugget: The Glamour Shots

Nugget is nearly half-way done and so Mom took her for some Valentine's Glamour shots:
Love the cool 3D action. Mom said it was really neat in 4D and that Nugget waved hello. I suspect she may have just been waving off those pesky paparazzi, but don't tell Mom.
Next week, we all get to go skiing -- lucky Nugget: Mom's ski pants still fit so she doesn't have to miss out on the action. The very easy, green, blue, and bunny hill action, for those of you worried that Mom might be hitting the Black Diamonds. Dad has, however, offered to take me on the real trails. Of course, he also started calling me Bode*...

* You may not want to google Bode Miller right now. Suffice to say, he is a great downhill skier whose personal life might leave a little to be desired.