Saturday, October 26, 2013

Chilly morning

On this lovely crisp, morning, I started and ended another shot at soccer tots. Dad is pretty bummed, but he kept saying something about "hungover instructor". I'm not quite sure what the instructor guy was hanging over, but they didn't really have control of us tiny tyrants.
I was so excited about going that I woke up at 5.30 and spent the whole morning running around like a lunatic. It was AWESOME!
That said, Dad did get a couple good pictures of me...

Meanwhile, Mom bundled Nugget up for a little run. She's really getting back to form and is finishing her runs with under 10 minute miles, which isn't bad for a lady that had a baby not quite 4 months ago. I'm pretty sure I can still beat her, though.
pretty sure Mom was all about the shoes
 Of course, there was a costume change after running... You may recognize that onesie...
Mom's great photography skills

Nugget's great photography-subject skills



October has been super busy so far and has just flown by. School is a lot of fun and my new teachers, Miss Julie and Miss Carol, are working hard on teaching us how to write, cut better with scissors, and learn zoo-phonics. I mostly work on playing hard with Jacob and Chase, and Zoe and Libbie some.
My social calendar really picks up in October, too, with birthday party season (which actually started in September). And I start soccer again!
Nugget has been very busy being a baby and all that entails. The day before her 3 month visit, she rolled over both ways -- front to back and back to front. It may have been an accident, but she's really perfected it now. It's made for some interesting nights -- like her waking up Mom every 90 minutes for 3 or 4 days. Or was it a week? I don't know, but Mom was tiiiired. She also found her feet. Aunt Darra tried to show her where they were the day she rolled over both ways, but Nugget wasn't into yet. Last week, she discovered them herself and is very busy holding her toes and staring at her hands while she practices princess waves.

Why would we want to look at the camera?

Tia Chavie's excellent taste

Picture for Willoughby/READ party

Sophia's zoo birthday party

Queen Debbie at Zoo party

...and there she goes...

Carousel action with Dad

Giant caterpillar eats entire tomato plant (again) in 6 hours

Nugget finally slept on her stomach after rolling over

Picture for Aunt Sam at 6.30 Saturday morning 

we luv bath time

and feet!