Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Lost Pictures: May-July

I know, I know, I keep forgetting about those pictures on the camera in Mom's bag... well, technically, I'm not supposed to take things out of her bag -- like her credit cards. Umm, oops...

So here's the rundown of all the memories we unearthed:

- Syracuse flight and me passed out on Mom. Funny, don't we have a picture like these from every trip?
- Aunt Donna's house and the best tricycle ever

- Pontiff Playground with Escipion post-run. E is so fierce! I watered him -- he looked thirsty.

- Longue Vue Gardens Ice Cream Bonanza: I got to mow the lawn and then eat ice cream. Who wants to sit still for pictures after all that fun. Did I mention it was like 100 degrees?
- Children's Museum playdate: Always a barrel of monkeys!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011


I'm just HIL-AR-I-OUS!

Now the real question is, am I:
a) a cat
b) a race car driver
c) craaaaazy

C'mon, it's not a trick question...

If only Mom and Dad had named me Jack... I believe Dad lobbied some for Jacques but Mom made a lot of weird faces at him. Especially when he said he'd call me "Little Frenchy."

Good call, Mom.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Dragonflies Dance

Dad is out of town right now, traveling for business then surprising Mimi for her party. He comes back tonight, and I miss him terribly, though Mom is pretty fun. And I'm getting my new molars. Bloody good time, I tell you.
Mom and I went for our Saturday run, her first since her knees served as a landing pad for the vacuum on Monday. Note to self: the vacuum does not fly down the stairs. Neither does Mom. More of an Oof. And a groan.

She has a favorite spot on our run. It's a special place. Two adjacent lots with big trees that capture the light just right. She takes the most beautiful pictures there in her mind's eye. The misty mornings, the dappled sun, the sunrise. Today, there was a swarm of fireflies enjoying the not-yet-sweltering day. So Mom took a mental picture and wrote a little poem...

image courtesy of lenabose's photostream at flickr

Dragonflies dance
Together in the sun
flitter whoosh zoom

In time to the music
[Is it in my head?]
Floating from next door
soar dive hover

Tiny helicopters glisten
Racing around the yard
shimmer sparkle shine

Pulling the clouds
Around the sun
They are the rainbows
whirl rush stop

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Bathtime with Sullivan

Last week, Mom, Dad, Pop Pop, and me took care of my friend, Sullivan, while his Mom and Dad went to hypnobirthing class in preparation for a new baby. We had a lot of fun.

Mom made quiche. Yuck. Everyone else really liked it, but Sullivan and I are pretty sure Mom was trying to kill us. Maybe if it was chocolate-broccoli-apple quiche, we could talk... Somehow I think we weren't even offered the blackberry upside-down cake. Again, though, no chocolate, so...

After dinner, Sullivan's parents left for class and we had a grand time before bathtime. With every single one of Marcus's toys. And the cats. Lucky cats.

Then it was bath time. I think Sullivan really liked Mom's kneeling mat... It does look kind of tasty, now that I think about it.

If only I hadn't been so busy brushing my pearly whites...

(For the duration of the bath)

Actually, we agree that teeth brushing is very important

Sullivan was definitely impressed by my bath toy collection.

And Mom's wicked hairstyling skillz.

Of course, Sullivan did eventually figure out that his Mom and Dad weren't actually there, so things got a little less festive until he was all dry. He was all smiles but the time his Mom and Dad came later that night...

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Pop Pop

Dad's Dad came to visit last week -- you know for the weather. And me, of course. Mostly me. He and Dad had loads of fun with me in the morning; then he did everything with me and Mom during the day. We hung out with my some of my friends (both the people kind and the furry ones) and went out to dinner one evening -- this restaurant thing is confusing: You can leave your crumbs on the floor?! (I found Mom's blase attitude about my dropped chip very disconcerting.)
He got to run in the blazing inferno of afternoon heat. Maybe Uncle Tito's right and you are the strongest man alive. Except for Dad, of course. He got to skim our borrowed pool and run the vacuum pump. And listen to Tenzing yowling at 5 AM. On Sunday. He helped Mom and Dad take care of my friend Sullivan and read lots of great stories to me. He convinced me that blueberries are ok once in awhile. And that coffee stunts your growth (not decaf, though). He helped me and Dad assemble our cool new grill and ran around the back yard with me for what seemed to be hours. We had the best time together.

A Visit with Pop Pop
Pop Pop, we had so much fun
between breakfast and your run
(in the 114 degree heat)
we'd play outside
run, jump, and slide
and there was the pool
a sure fire way to stay cool
Not to mention indoors
(when mom wasn't vacuuming the floors)
blocks and books and all my friends
You're the best.

Pop Pop, we had a blast
But your stay went so fast
I liked waking you up best
from your nightly rest
(or your nap)
you'd lift me high
I swear I touched the sky
(maybe it was the ceiling fan)
Then we'd play chase
and peekaboo with your face
You're the best.

Pop Pop, it's fun to say
the best way to start the day
is with "pop-pop pop-pop pop-pop pop-pop pop-pop pop-pop pop-pop pop-pop"
Forget "mama" and "dada", too
there's no "meow" or "moo"
Say it some more after a nap
or post-bump or -splat
pop-pop pop-pop pop-pop pop-pop pop-pop pop-pop pop-pop pop-pop
Did you get my clue?
I really mean, "I love you."
You're the best.

Pop Pop, you went bye-bye
A week since we said, "Hi"?
It cannot possibly be true
In hide and seek you outdo
I know you're in the laundry room
Maybe the closet?
You really are the best.

We hope to see you soon
I'm over the moon
So hurry back
And there will be no flack
I'm joking
(or am I?)
You're the best.
We love you Pop Pop!