Thursday, March 31, 2011

Utah: The posts will never end

You may have been wondering about the rest of our fun Utah trip. Between trying to find those cool boots I tried on and waxing nostalgic for these super cool glasses (yes, they are pink with flowers for the arms) and the fun babysitter, I lost track of time.

And then when we got home I had nasty teeth to deal with. Why, oh why, must they come in 4 at a time?
And then Mom got Strep throat. Which was a total bummer. She was not in a good place... But she's mo' betta now.
So, without further ado, here's all the photos in a slideshow.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Utah Vol. 2

Here's a few more pics from our ski trip. I had never seen so much snow, look at how high the snow bank is in this picture from "downtown" Park City:

On Ash Wednesday, Dad decided to take a break from skiing so we could go to town for some ice cream. Here's a picture of me and Mom on Main Street. Java Cows ice cream parlor is just up the hill (no pictures because we were too busy eating).

Park City rocks! Not only is there a ski lift right in the center of town, but it hosts the Sundance Film Fest every year. Can't wait to go back when I am old enough to watch movies.

Utah Vol. 1

We took a ski vacation during Mardi Gras to Park City, but I only got to ride the gondola.

Here are some pics of me & Mom and me & Dad riding the lifts: