Monday, November 23, 2009

My 3rd Sunday

Was spent relaxing with Mom and Dad. Well, and having costume changes -- I got to wear 6 different outfits. Good times.

See, here I am chllin' with Mom in the morning.

And here I am hangin' with Dad in the afternoon. We were working hard on document review.

And I even tried my swing -- though I have to say it's not to my liking. I humored Mom and Dad for a few minutes.

And then the bewitching hour happened. I turned into a Grouchasaurus with an intense bout of colic.

Poor Mom and Dad. They could hardly keep up with me -- mostly because I had gas and hiccups and kept crying, which means I was swallowing more air. And the flailing limbs... Then I would pee and soak my clothes. So then I would have to be changed and, wo-is-me, I hate getting a fresh diaper when I'm cranky. So I would cry some more to express my utter dissatisfaction with the situation.
I finally settled down after a couple hours, and passed out on Mom's chest. She also passed out from exhaustion. Dad had already passed out. We had a good sleep and everyone feels refreshed this morning.

Except for Tenzing, who is acting like an animal today.
I am starting to suspect that he actually is an animal, but this idea is unsubstantiated.

Of course, I have not yet found my own tail, either.

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