Saturday, September 26, 2009

This weekend vs Last weekend

This weekend
Mom and dad skipped their walk on Saturday.
I know: Horrors.
Well, they actually left for it and then turned around because dad wasn't feeling so hot.
Maybe he had a little too much fun Friday night:

Things clearly got a little wild.

Or maybe the infernal heat and humidity was a little too much.

No matter, Mom hopped on her trusty elliptical and Dad went to go see our brand new foundation and chat with our contractor, Larry:

Then mom took me swimming before they left to look at cabinets. Exciting.
(Both the swimming and the cabinets.)

Of course they don't listen to my input on the cabinets, but it's ok: Dad told mom that he "will let [her] be [his] cabinet selector anytime." Which is good, because mom had already assumed the title of Chief Decorator and Cabinet Selector. Apparently dad glazed over the memo. It was good for him to see the showroom -- the cabinets look a lot different than the catalog...

Who's to say what Sunday can hold... I suspect a long walk, but what do I know...?

Last weekend
Things were super busy. Mom and dad got to take a couple really long walks, one with
some friends who are due a few weeks after mom. Mom maybe walks a little too fast for them, but I think it's because she was looking for a bathroom.

And Mom and Dad went out for a really nice Rosh Hashanah dinner (mom made a killer apple challah for dad to take to work that Friday).

And there was all the cleaning and shopping and webcam setting up-ping. They did get to visit with some family. Everyone had a really nice time and mom and dad enjoyed catching up with Aunt Florence and Debbie. They do love showing off my blog and the house plans.

Mom was pretty ready for Monday to come so she could sit down at her desk and figure out some bladder cancer data and interview some programmers. Riveting. Well, it is to her. I usually take a nap or poke her in the ribs so she knows I want to do something...

Friday, September 25, 2009

I heart Mom

So much.

When she took me to see the doctor yesterday we had a grand ole' time.
Mom's doctor is in blue; no clue about the b-day baby -- it's not me.

First we did some fetal monitoring (aka, non-stress test) and mom played some music for me while she read another breastfeeding book. Man, she loves those nursing books.
Well, no, not really, but she feels obligated to read them even thought they all say the same thing. She's pretty sure reading about it and doing it are not the same thing.

Then we talked to the doctor for a little while. And everything looks good to go for my due date. Mom signed a lot of paperwork for the hospital -- stuff like, if she's hemorrhaging, please give her a transfusion; and we want to have a natural birth.
We left the cutting/no-cutting paperwork alone for now since Mom and Dad don't quite see eye to eye.

And the good doctor told mom about how I turned around and am heading towards the exit.

So all the poking around her ribs and sides are from my feet and bottom, not my head. So, she's been rubbing my knee or butt for a week or so. Oops.

See, I am such a good boy.
And: I heart mom.

PS: I love Dad, too!

Monday, September 21, 2009

The Actor's Studio.

Starring: My Dad

Otherwise known as His Encore Performance at child birthing class

Last week, Dad gave a knockout performance during class. No, there was no costume involved.
Or stripper pole.

The assignment: Mom and Dad should work on this assignment independently. Using any medium, portray the moment of birth. This may be done from your perspective, your partner's perspective, or the baby's perspective.

Dad conducted a symphony of role-playing class volunteers.

The notes went something like this:

Mom. Bless her heart. Busted out the crayolas and got in touch with more symbolism than may have been necessary for a non-graduate level class...
(L) her vision of my perspective, (R) Mom's perspective

She did expect dad to do something a little off the wall this time and thankfully brought the camera. Smart lady. She might be able to keep up with me someday...
Now if only she had remembered how to record video -- WITH SOUND... Oy vey.
And if she knew how to rotate the film...

My next lecture will be on Crying: Decoding the decibels. Of course, it won't actually take place for about 5 weeks, but... who's counting, really?

Sunday, September 20, 2009

My Crib

crib: [krib] -noun
  1. slang. one's home; pad.
  2. a child's bed with enclosed sides.
Here you have it, folks: My pad revealed. It's pretty nice, if I don't say so myself.

Why yes, that is a giant pink elephant hiding behind the dresser.

Mom and Dad did a really nice job with painting the animals on the walls. I'm sure the next tenants will agree... There was talk about painting a tree with a monkey in it, too, but I think that might have to wait for my next room.

And here's a few more shots:

34 weeks

Aren't I handsome?

What you can't see me?
hmm, mom can be such a camera hog...
Don't worry, my adoring fans: soon enough nothing will be able to stand between us and my close-ups. In fact, you may get tired of all my photo ops...

Monday, September 14, 2009

Yoga 101

This weekend mom and dad did a prenatal yoga labor and delivery workshop. It was a lot of fun and they got to try out some great breath work and poses for relaxation and labor. Mom's still pretty flexible, see:
Haha, just kidding. That's actually the instructor, Cat ( But Mom really still can touch her toes.

No, she doesn't bend her knees to touch them.

That would be dad's trick to touch his toes. But it's ok that he isn't a pretzel, because he mostly has to do things like hold mom up, remind her to breathe, keep her calm. And not pass out. Guess it's a good thing he practiced some breath work. I don't think he's mentioned to mom that he's bringing a catcher's mitt to the hospital. Might be for the best.

Really, it was kind of a quiet weekend around the house.

maniacal laughter: BWAH HA HA HA.
Don't worry: there won't be many more of those!

It was very rainy the latter part of the week and over the weekend. Mom and Dad still worked in one walk, though. And they took a little drive to see their mud pit (otherwise known as the lot). It rained so much this week that the foundation guys weren't able to finish up what they needed to do... something or other about concrete and torrential rain not mixing well.
Here's a look at the pilings going into the lot during the dry part of the week:

Zsa Zsa helped dad with editing his Amicus brief.

And mom rolled dolmas until her back almost gave out... Hey, they tasted pretty good* -- at least Tenzing and Dad thought so.

*Not as good as Bozana's, but pretty tasty.

Coming soon: the photo tour of the nursery.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

The New Labor Party

(Otherwise known as The Real Childbirthing Class)

Takes place every Wednesday for 8 weeks and is proving to be much more fun than the Fake Class Mom and Dad took earlier in the summer. It's a natural childbirth class, so the couples are all on the same page. The teacher is a doula who is very down-to-earth and honest about labor (e.g., it's really gratifying but it really hurts). Everyone gets to talk to each other about their fears, hopes, and dreams (instead of being lectured about epidurals, Pitocin, and sections, oh my).

The class is held at the birthing center, so, if nothing else, mom and dad know where to go in October. That said, it is proving to be a good use of my time, offering ample opportunity to eavesdrop on what moves all the other kids are bustin' out on their mom's bladders. And who knew, there are other internal organs to prod?!?! Really, the class is quite edifying.
How about that reaction to a swift poke in the ribs?

The highlights thus far include:
  • A lengthy discussion of Kegel-ing and the pelvic floor. Which included mom confessing that she told dad he didn't have a pelvic floor and the teacher asking if we were stocking up on Depends already.

    We're not sure if everyone was punchy or if laughter is contagious...

  • Dad doing an interpretive dance of My Life in Utero.

    I think mom may have leaked she was laughing so hard. Maybe she needs to work on those Kegels. Or put the water bottle down for like 10 minutes.

    Unfortunately, there was no camera present. And, no, Mom did not think about the fact that her pink Barbie phone can take pictures and video. She was busy trying not to pee.

    Dad might need this shirt to commemorate his performance:
Dad has something cooking for this weeks homework: Me, Being Born. I'm sure of it, but I guess I'll have to wait until Wednesday to see what fun-ness he has planned. I'm not sure if he can top the last performance.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Almost 33 weeks

It was such a busy weekend!

We went out for Italian food...

We tried out my new sling (clearly more successfully with Zsa Zsa than Tenzing)...

We visited our lot -- which is staked out for the pilings...

We took a nice long nap...

And, of course, we grew a lot...