Thursday, August 27, 2009

Roofs and Tooths

Yesterday, Mom and Dad went to the bank and bought me a house. Well, technically, they bought some empty land and some money so they can build a house.
For me.
I am nice and will let them live there.

It was a big week and they're really excited for April, which is when the house will be done. Hopefully.

Right now, my house looks something a little more like Jeannie's bottle in I Dream of Jeannie. Well, I have a hammock, and she didn't... And I can't exactly come out and go back in in a trail of smoke, but...

My new house will look like this:

I was kind of hoping for the house below, but Mom and Dad's contractor (Larry) said the turrets and gold leafing were out of budget:

Ah well, a kid's gotta dream. Either way, it's a lot more space than I have right now. And no one said the fireworks were out, so...

Mom seems to think Zsa and Zsa and Tenzing might like that the new house will have stairs. Something or other about an exercise program for TZ... She's a little worried they might try to teach my to fly.

Speaking of my big brother and sister... Mom and Dad totally lost their marbles earlier this week: They decided it would be a fun evening to brush the cats' teeth. ZZ and TZ were somewhat less happy about this plan, but Dad almost fell over when Mom told him how much the dentist was going to charge for a cleaning.

Good times. That will be repeated. Woohoo.

On the plus side, they're getting some practice other folks' teeth, which will come in handy with me. I will probably not try to bite them when they brush my teeth. Unless they use fish toothpaste, in which case, biting is fair game. Of course, I won't have any teeth for awhile, but it's good to be prepared.

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