Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Cookies 2.0: The Redux

Mom made some of her dangerously delicious chocolate chip cookies to bring over to dinner at a friend's house last night. Despite one substitution, they are mighty fine specimens.
(I was going to say the that they are the best chocolate chip cookies ever crafted by human hands. But we don't want mom's head to blow up like her ankles did last night.)

Dad says they are addictive. Mike said: mmmmrphgrph. Maggy said: I'm a dog and don't talk, but those look tasty; I will look at you with sad eyes while you guys eat them and make grunting sounds. Mom said, " I wish I could still eat like 5 of them but my stomach is shrinking..."

Mom can't really take all the credit as the recipe is from the New York Times -- some reporter cracked the cookie baking industry wide open. Jacques Torres: 1, Mrs. Fields: 0.
And the stand mixer really did all the heavy lifting.

But more important than how they taste is how they measure up:

I'd say the case* is closed.

*If you're still trying to figure out what I'm talking about, please see my son-i-meter post.

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