Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Almost 29 weeks

On Saturdays Mom and Dad have the perverse habit of getting up earlier than during the work week so they can get in their 5.5 mile walk (formerly their run) before mom wants to pass out after the first 2 miles. This past Saturday was no different.

See, here's mom about 10 minutes after she rolled out of bed. I was very sleepy -- and am yawning. You can tell that my big brother and sister have already been fed because they aren't trying to climb up mom's leg. Or pull off her shorts -- photos of which might be a little racy for my blog.

And here we are leaving to walk. I've got my favorite sneaks on, not that I know how to walk or anything. It was fun. As per usual, I started kicking mom about half way through -- giddy up.

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