Monday, August 31, 2009

Onesies galore!

Mom and Dad have worked really hard on making me some styling duds and finished the last onesie over the weekend -- they got a little more entailed as they went along.
And Mom might have painted over one of Dad's first attempts... Dad was ok, though, as she painted it with "I bleed orange"

I heart Mom and Dad. And their mad craft skillz.

Here's a look at what all they made for me to wear for the next year...

Pi is probably my favorite, though I don't think mom will ever repeat the rainbow numeration as it took, like, 6 weeks for her to finish it. Mom and dad's friends joked that I probably won't be allowed to wear that one, but I think I can sneak it on while no one is looking. Besides, mom got me swinging babylegs to wear with it.

What's your favorite?

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