Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Lost Pictures: May-July

I know, I know, I keep forgetting about those pictures on the camera in Mom's bag... well, technically, I'm not supposed to take things out of her bag -- like her credit cards. Umm, oops...

So here's the rundown of all the memories we unearthed:

- Syracuse flight and me passed out on Mom. Funny, don't we have a picture like these from every trip?
- Aunt Donna's house and the best tricycle ever

- Pontiff Playground with Escipion post-run. E is so fierce! I watered him -- he looked thirsty.

- Longue Vue Gardens Ice Cream Bonanza: I got to mow the lawn and then eat ice cream. Who wants to sit still for pictures after all that fun. Did I mention it was like 100 degrees?
- Children's Museum playdate: Always a barrel of monkeys!

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