Saturday, August 20, 2011

Dragonflies Dance

Dad is out of town right now, traveling for business then surprising Mimi for her party. He comes back tonight, and I miss him terribly, though Mom is pretty fun. And I'm getting my new molars. Bloody good time, I tell you.
Mom and I went for our Saturday run, her first since her knees served as a landing pad for the vacuum on Monday. Note to self: the vacuum does not fly down the stairs. Neither does Mom. More of an Oof. And a groan.

She has a favorite spot on our run. It's a special place. Two adjacent lots with big trees that capture the light just right. She takes the most beautiful pictures there in her mind's eye. The misty mornings, the dappled sun, the sunrise. Today, there was a swarm of fireflies enjoying the not-yet-sweltering day. So Mom took a mental picture and wrote a little poem...

image courtesy of lenabose's photostream at flickr

Dragonflies dance
Together in the sun
flitter whoosh zoom

In time to the music
[Is it in my head?]
Floating from next door
soar dive hover

Tiny helicopters glisten
Racing around the yard
shimmer sparkle shine

Pulling the clouds
Around the sun
They are the rainbows
whirl rush stop

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