Thursday, August 11, 2011

Bathtime with Sullivan

Last week, Mom, Dad, Pop Pop, and me took care of my friend, Sullivan, while his Mom and Dad went to hypnobirthing class in preparation for a new baby. We had a lot of fun.

Mom made quiche. Yuck. Everyone else really liked it, but Sullivan and I are pretty sure Mom was trying to kill us. Maybe if it was chocolate-broccoli-apple quiche, we could talk... Somehow I think we weren't even offered the blackberry upside-down cake. Again, though, no chocolate, so...

After dinner, Sullivan's parents left for class and we had a grand time before bathtime. With every single one of Marcus's toys. And the cats. Lucky cats.

Then it was bath time. I think Sullivan really liked Mom's kneeling mat... It does look kind of tasty, now that I think about it.

If only I hadn't been so busy brushing my pearly whites...

(For the duration of the bath)

Actually, we agree that teeth brushing is very important

Sullivan was definitely impressed by my bath toy collection.

And Mom's wicked hairstyling skillz.

Of course, Sullivan did eventually figure out that his Mom and Dad weren't actually there, so things got a little less festive until he was all dry. He was all smiles but the time his Mom and Dad came later that night...

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