Friday, October 23, 2009

Wonderful World

Mom and Dad, ok, mostly Mom, have mad crafting skillz, as previously mentioned. Mom Started singing Louis Armstrong's Wonderful World to me when I was a wee tyke. And I really like it. I always give her a good thump of approval.
Or maybe I'm telling her to be quiet.
She'll never know.

Regardless, Mom kind of thought it would be nice to make a book to accompany all the great images Mr. Armstrong sings about. Plus, Dad has a really hard time remembering the words. (He can remember his phone number from 25 years ago and the combination to his 7th grade locker, but a song? Not so much.).

She finally finished it this week. It's pretty nice. I don't think her wobbly recording and turning the pages all at one time necessarily do it justice, but at least you guys get to see it. Clearly, my mugshot is MIA at the moment, just waiting to get my good side.
Feel free to hum along...

And now you know what on earth Mom and Dad were doing a couple weekends ago.

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Abby said...

Hey guys! I had coffee with Chris Murphy this morning and she mentioned that (a) you were having a baby (congratulations!!!), and (b) you were blogging about it. After a bit of crafty googling, I found myself here, and wanted to send a quick note to say hello :)

Hope you're both well - I look forward to following along.