Friday, October 23, 2009


"Uh oh," said Baby Bear, "Somebody's been sleeping in my bed"

"And he's still there!"

Looking rather non-plussed about being awakened.

Needless to say, Mom ramped up her taping efforts.

See, she discovered that cats really hate to get tape stuck to them -- as evidenced by the chunk of fur that seems to be missing from Zsa Zsa's tail. And the shredded roller tape found strewn about the house one morning.

The crib was the last bastion of Tape-Free. The dresser and changing table were annexed first.

Tenzing hearts my changing pad -- especially when it was right side up and contoured to his body with the soft cushy cover. Even when Mom flipped it over, though, he was all, "Mmeh, s'all right. I am so cute that no one will mind. Mom put this up here for me, right? "

Clearly the whole:
  1. It's broad daylight which means I can be seen
  2. I'm on top of a dresser -- clearly furniture that is unlike the other ones I get to lay on
Did NOT factor into his reasoning.

TZ is very lovable. No one ever said anything about his smarts.

On the plus side, Goldilocks 1 and 2 aren't chilling in my crib anymore. Or on my changing pad. Or in my chair -- technically they always loved the chair and had been sleeping in it* for a couple years, so I guess it was their chair.

Not that I don't want to share... It's Mom, I swear it. She's always enforcing all these restrictions. I think she's just making them up as she goes, but don't tell her I told you that.

* literally, they used to sleep in the chair. In it's previous life as Dad's leather man chair, it had a piece of fabric covering the bottom that made a lovely hammock for all manner of kittens. Up to 5 at a time. And then there was the time ZZ got stuck inside. Mr. Stuart, Mom and Dad's landlord came over to take care of them and hung out reading the paper for a little while. ZZ climbed in, he finished the paper, and, well, you can imagine how happy she was when he came later in the day...

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