Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Got Wood?

Or plumbing?
Or lighting?
Or appliances?

As you can see we've started framing. In theory, we should be done with the framing, but the weather.

Oh the weather...
Rain rain go away. For more than 12 hours.

Mom and Dad are hopeful that the dry spell next week means the construction guys can get ahead.

Now I ask you, how can this ray of sunshine (Larry) not just dry things up at the job site. He claims to be doing a sunshine dance, but maybe he missed a few steps...

In the mean time, the outhouse issue has been resolved: Apparently, some contractors can get a little territorial about sharing the Pot-o-Gold. So, there are dueling porta-potty on either side of the street. I think our's is much nicer. Not that I've used it.

their Pot-o-Gold (L) vs our Nature Station (R). And the winner?

And while all of this on-site stuff is happening, Mom and Dad are furiously trying to finalize choices for plumbing, lighting, and appliances. They seem to be operating under the impression that they will be unable to work on these things in the near future. I suspect they want to pin that on me. But I'm innocent. I swear it.

Anyhow, all these choices are half fun, half exercises-in-frustration. We won't recount all the gory details. Suffice to say, the plumbing expedition was followed by copious legwork online to find things that were closer to being in budget -- sometimes the same item, sometimes different.
Mom is truly genius with a spreadsheet.
And not an Enron kind of way.

The lighting quote hasn't actually come back yet, but the nice lady was really good about directing mom and dad to the things in budget (barring obscenely low line item allowances). They're pretty sure that quote will be on target with the allowance.

And appliances. We shouldn't dwell. Mom and Dad have excellent taste and have chosen great stuff. They started on that part of the house a long time ago, given that the kitchen is Mom's favorite room. Here's the range they're going with:

Beautiful, no? And college might still be in my future.

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