Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Tia Chavie

One of our favorite people came to visit: Aunt Chavie! It was an awesome trip-- for both of us. We spent lots of time playing games and reading and spinning me. Apparently I am too short to swing Chavie by her arms. So, instead I just ran circles around her -- it worked: She got really dizzy.
And we got to eat lots of yummy things. Mmmmm. We should have more company. At least if there are donuts involved.

Tia Chavie
You have red hair
Just like me

You came on a trip
To see us
So a few lines I must quip

Your birthday
With chocolate peanut butter cake
And toys with which to play

Spanish we did speak
Mostly no eso, no eso, no eso
And que paso? when my eyes would leak

We rode the trolley
And walked the Quarter
Capitalizing on your toddler folly

The donuts, the grill, and Milk Bar, too
Such good food
And two playgrounds with you

You took me to school
And got a teary goodbye (who’s Mom?)
It went better when we bought a pool

You fixed our light
Which Mom and Dad could not do
After trying with all their might

Go see Tia Chavie!
Instead you came to us
To my wonderful auntie

Now all I have to say
Is More Chavie! More Chavie!
Please come back – today

Here's a few more pictures of our visit -- Mom helped me edit a few to protect my innocence. What can I say -- sprinklers and hoses make me want to strip. Good times. Chavie opted to stay dressed.

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