Thursday, March 8, 2012

A Week of Firsts

My first ear infection.
I didn't say all of the firsts were good. This first was decidedly unfun. Friday evening I started telling Mom and Dad that my ear hurt. Since I didn't start running a fever until Saturday -- about 15 minutes after the doctor's office closed -- I didn't see anyone until Monday (2/27). It was an exciting start to the week of firsts.
I was largely unbothered by it, and that pink medicine is really quite tasty.
This first gets 1 (of 5) stars on the Firsts Index.

My first donut.
Wowza. Yeah, Mom and Dad have been seriously depriving me. No donuts for 2 years. From now on, no drive down Clearview will be safe from my shouts of, "Donut Store!!!!"

On Tuesday (2/28), Mom took me for a some HotDonutsNow at Krispy Kreme. We were going to donut donate some books to the library, and it's on the way, so... I wanted to help Mom carbo-load for Sunday.

We split a donut* and then watched the conveyor belt. It was AWESOME. Mom took some heat (for depriving me) from the donut regulars who were on their second dozen...
And then we donated books and saw the guts of the library. It was fabulous.
I'd give this first 5 stars on the Firsts Index.

My first Leap Day.
Oh February. You redheaded step-child** of the calendar year. Every 4 years you stick it to the other months. Except not very well -- you still come up a little short. Ah well, it's a special day, nonetheless. Mom always thought it would be fun if Uncle JP's bday had been on a Leap Day. He dodged that bullet. Whew.
Leap Day you only get 2 stars -- bring some cookies next time and we'll discuss.

Mom's first half-marathon.
13.1 miles: Because she's only half crazy
Race Expo
Action pose at the Race Expo
Special shout out to Mimi and PopPop for getting the race registration for Mom for her b-day present -- it's hard to run the race without it! Mom had a blast running her first big race -- with a PR of 2:05 (<10-minute miles = great). The weather shaped up and was gorgeous, and Mom was feeling her oats. Dad and I went to watch Mom as she rounded the turn near Audubon Park, but then I spied the playground and realized that would be way more fun. Sorry Mom. No matter: Mom got a kick out of all the spectators, especially the people drinking beer at 8 AM. And the guy handing out donut bites to runners. (And beer. And the mimosa and champagne stop.) Only in New Orleans. Or so she suspects.
See it's PROOF that Mom ran the Half. Or that she yanked  it off the photo proofs page. You'll never know.
(Mom is trying to convince Dad to do the Denver half in late September -- so she could really see if NOLA is the booziest running town. We'll see. She'd be trading heat and humidity in training for altitude and hills... Regardless, Mom can't wait to do another half.)
More carbo-loading. It helps pass the time...
Waiting for Mom. 
Finish Line Festival
Finish Line
The most memorable signs Mom saw, aside from the super cute "Go Mom/Dad/Grandpa" signs that I better be holding up next time, were:
1. Run like you stole it.
2. Worst Mardi Gras parade ever
3. Kick some ASSphalt
4. You put the FU in fun
5. It's ok to poop in your pants***

Mom, we're noticing a theme with your poses.
Checking out my handy work. I'll let Mom keep it.
Maybe. Every outfit needs some bling. Some heavy bling.
And then later in the day -- you know after Mom showered and re-caffeinated, we got my NEXT first.
Half marathons get 4 stars on the Firsts Index because they involve bling. And because I occasionally have help typing.

My first b-day party for a classmate.
Maryclaire turned 2. There was cake. And there were cupcakes.**** And a tiny Mini-Cooper, which I horded. And a mini trampoline big enough for like 5 kids, comfortably. I could go on...
Enough said. It was a fantastic day.
5 stars. Like you expected less.

* Which we got for free. Mom isn't sure if we got it for free because we only asked for one, because I'm so cute, or because we asked for "One hot donut, please" and the lady behind the counter had to go scrounge one up -- we timed it  perfectly, entering immediately after 2 people left with about 10 dozen...

** Look, I don't make up these phrases. Someone else does. Why on Earth would being a red-headed stepchild be bad? Silly idea. Like "too much cake". Honestly, as if there could ever be such a thing.

*** To which Mom and nearby runners all kind of grumbled "gross" and one woman nearly had a hissy fit over. Mom tends to agree with her that it is never ok to poop in your pants. I mean unless you're like 1. Or maybe 2. It has been the source of much amusement amongst anyone who ran the race -- it's The Great Uniter of signs.

**** Mom may have eaten too much cake+cupcake combined. I still don't think it's possible, but she was pretty hungry.

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