Thursday, February 23, 2012

Supervision Required

The question is, who is supervising whom?
Mom and Dad (who are we kidding?) decided that it would be a good idea to redecorate the powder room. This project has, as with most things in this house, taken on a new life. We won't go into the details; suffice to say, she is making progress on it.
(Now all Mom has to finish is the powder room cabinet and shelf, the big rocking chair, my rocking chair, my table and chairs, and the Jack and Jill bathroom. Possibly even before I outgrow the "my" ones.)
They did get the walls repainted this lovely dove-grey color -- while I was sleeping no less. The nerve of some people. Well, truth be told, Mom couldn't finish it while I was sleeping because she underestimated the amount of paint required. Oops.
Then she realized that Dad is a lot messier than she is. At least he didn't put his whole foot in the paint tray...
Thank goodness I got involved with putting the hardware back up. Dad might have been there all day.
Yes, we have matching drills. Mom is smart that way. 
Practice spot

Showing Dad where to drill

Pilot hole

Back to the real work

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