Sunday, February 5, 2012

Skool Dayz

For those of you not in the know, I'm a learned man, er, boy, now. I go to skool. That's right: on Mondays and Thursdays, I go hang out with Miss Lyn and Miss Lezley and all my new friends in the Monkey Class.
Miss Lezley and Miss Lyn

We have so much fun.
...even if we only have this pretend horse...

Except for the part where Mom leaves. (Don't tell her, but I only cry for 10 seconds until she closes the classroom door*.)
aformentioned door

The first few days, I got a little crazy and didn't want to nap, sleep at night, or, I don't know, control my bladder, but now... NOW, I kind of wish skool was more frequent. Apparently that will happen soon enough. And I will beg to stay home. Hmm. We'll see -- I've heard this grass-is-greener expression batted around a bit.
Miss Lezley and me

Mom, as I am sure you all realize, probably just uses "all this time" to eat bon bons. I can't imagine what else she could be doing without me for 3 whole hours. Make that 2.5 hours. Seriously.
Mom says her favorite part is when I see her waiting for me and call out "Mama" while racing towards her. And then we get to hug a big hug while I tell her all about "Have fun?"
On Fridays we go and see Miss "Oh-Noooo" Ellen and practice talking. That's kind of like skool, but it doesn't last very long and Mom stays. I like Miss Ellen. A lot. And she even let us borrow her playdo scissors so we could pretend to trim my hair before going to the salon.

*Today (2/9), I didn't cry at all. Probably because Little Callie, Charlie, and all my other skool friends were so comforting. They are so nice. It was just like Llama Llama: "Little Llama, please do't fuss. Have some fun and play with us!"

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