Sunday, February 5, 2012

Mom's mouth doctor

I know that Mom has taken me somewhere too many times when we get a few blocks away and I feel the compulsion to scream out where we must be going. Oftentimes, I'm right. Mostly when it's TJMaxx, Marshalls, or PetSmart*. And my favorite: Worl Mahket.
Although, sadly, the the last time we went over to TJMaxx-Mahshalz-Worl Market-PehSmah, we were actually going to "different paint store." I prefer the regular paint store, which we've been frequenting. More on that later. Really, I prefer Ole Foods and Hodware Store, but I like to shop, what can I say?
Anyhow, Mom likes to go see a new doctor a lot lately. She's a very nice lady that Mom calls The Mouth Doctor. This Mouth Doctor apparently cut a hole in the roof of Mom's mouth and then sewed it onto her teeth. Pretty cool. Except for the fact that Mom was somewhat incapacitated for a week or two. And when I say incapacitated, I mean in the worst way: No Up High, No running, No eating solid food. She was not much fun.
But, she is doing much better and has shiny new gums to prove it. I was hoping The Mouth Doctor was going hook Mom up with some of these:
But I was sadly mistaken. I guess shiny pink gums are exciting, too.
And now every time we get near the Mouth Doctor's office I scream out: Walgeens*. Mama Doctah. It's particularly funny if we happen to be going to a playdate. Or Temple. Or for ice cream/coffee.
You should see what happens when we get near my doctor's office...

* Mom went there a LOT around the holidays. Partly thanks to GeeGee and partly for presents. Who am I kidding, it was mostly for GeeGee.

**I heart drugstores. Mostly CVS, which I currently prefer calling CVI. Walgreens is cool, too, though. In fact, anytime I see a white logo with red cursive shout out "Walgeens!!!" Even if it's some dude's Chick-Fil-A bag (or cup).

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