Thursday, February 23, 2012

Miss Ellen

As mentioned before, we go and see Miss Ellen on Fridays.
Oh nooooo

We practice talking. It rocks but is kind of a short visit. One of the first things Miss Ellen got me to say, possibly inadvertently, was "Oh noooo." It's funny when she says it so I tried to copy her. Now I just parrot whatever anyone says:
  Mom: Marcus, what would you like for lunch today?
  Marcus: Lunch today?!
  Mom: Would you like toast with butter or a peanut butter sandwich?
  Marcus: Toast with butter. Cinnamon. Peanut butter sandwich. Toast with Butter. Peanut Butter.
  Mom: Ok, which one?
  Marcus: Ok ok ok.

Amazingly, Mom does finally figure out which one I want.
She has the special decoder ring.
It was particularly useful before I could say hun-gee (hungry) -- I would say ha ha. You can imagine the confusion this caused.

Regardless, we really have Miss Ellen to thank for a lot of my progress. She's pretty great and is a major highlight in my week.

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