Friday, November 11, 2011

Peter Pan, the Tin Man, Abby, and a dinosaur, to name a few

Why fly when you can drive? Thanks for the keys, Dad.

Halloween was pretty awesome. We got home from Fo-Fo the night before. Dad stayed home to help celebrate. I am pretty sure he was actually celebrating something called Last-Day-of-the-Fiscal-Year. We're not sure, but it was really nice having Dad around on a Monday. Besides, I'm stoked for him that his holiday also involved candy... And costumes.
Costumes were fun. Well maybe not the first time Mom had me try it on, but on Halloween it rocked my socks off. I was Peter Pan, Mom was Tinkerbell, and Dad was casual Monday Captain Hook.

Peter Pan, Tink, and Casual Monday Captain Hook

We went to my READ class in the morning, trick-or-treating with my crew in the early evening, and then I tried to break my face to join the trick-or-treaters in our neighborhood past my bedtime. I was unsuccessful. Both in joining the older kids trick-or-treating in our neighborhood and in breaking my face. I did get a totally rad bruise on my forehead. You should see the door, though...

Herding cats: Princess, Dinosaur, Peter Pan, Tin Man

Peter Pan and his crush, Abby Fairy, Big Bird, Tin Man

This whole trick-or-treating thing is a little confusing. I knock on people's doors, say some magic words, and they give me candy? Seriously, why doesn't this concept work at home? Mostly, I just kept trying to give people my candy, which Mom found very funny. Apparently I was over-sharing. Since I'm not really into candy, I didn't care too much about what I got. Until this one lady said, "Do you want fruity? Or chocolate?" What what?!?! Chocolate. I know that one. Suddenly trick or treating gained a new luster. Unfortunately, I pretty much forgot all about those tiny little bags. Mom and Dad did not...
It was a fun day.
Tuesday just couldn't compare. And it doesn't get a slideshow either...

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