Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Oh, Emeril. We all know that you're a has been. And now, NOW, I have the kitchen to prove it.

Gramma and Grampa got me the coolest kitchen for my bday. And Dad spent like 3 days putting it together -- under my careful supervision. And occasional intervention. It's a good thing he had off Last-Day-of-the-Fiscal-Year.

Gramma and Grampa and Aunt Em also helped stock my fridge with a wonderful assortment food. I really love cooking and wielding my butcher's knife. Mom keeps telling me not to beat the food with the knife. Meh. What does she know?

It's very important to clean up when you're done...

I make some pretty kicking chopped salads. And it's really awesome to make cake, too. My cousin taught me how. I kept waiting for the cake to show up. [Cake is good. Have I mentioned that?] For some reason, I never did get any of that cake she was making in my kitchen. Hmm. Tricky girl.
I also really like to do dishes.
  • Step 1. put all dishes in the sink.
  • Step 2. use hands to gently (or maybe not so gently) toss dishes in the sink
  • Step 3. pick up the cups and plates that were thrown the the floor
  • Step 4. Repeat (Or ask to read. Maybe have a tantrum, just for kicks.)
Just like Mom does them...

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