Sunday, October 30, 2011

Fo Fo

Or FLORIDA, as Mom and Dad say. Personally, I like the way Fo Fo rolls off the tongue.
We took a little trip to St. Petersburg before Halloween for my cousin Matt's wedding. It was super-fly.
Mom and Dad sure do clean up nice.

Why don't you dress like this for playdates, Mom?

Who is that dashing fella?

We took an airplane (which is cool except for that whole take-off and landing thing), went swimming, found a kid's festival, hung out with some of my favorite people, and, best of all, practically lived on Cheerios and Goldfish for 2 days. For some reason, Mom and Dad were less thrilled about that last part.

Here's me getting ready to make a speech. Applause is wonderful. Seriously, a whole room full of people clapping. OMG. Fabulous.

Toastmasters, here I come!

Mimi! Pop Pop!

Oh, Chi Chi (Tito), you are so funny.
Seriously, I had so much fun hanging out with Uncle Ari. We played all my favorite games and went swimming with Mom. It was awesome and I can't wait to see him again. Mom thought Tito and I made a really good team.

Swimming in October: fantastic. Until it gets cloudy.

Bouncy houses rock. Who knew?

Cha Cha (Aunt Chavie) and I really tore it up while Mom and Dad went to the wedding. It was so much fun playing and touring the hotel so I could pick up old ladies. And some younger ones, too. And I impressed her by eating a lot of my bell peppers. (Even I get tired of Cheerios and Goldfish, but don't tell Mom and Dad. Mmm-kay?) Mom was really happy to see her and to catch up.

And then we came home and got ready for Halloween...

Here's a slideshow with all our Fo-Fo pictures:

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