Sunday, November 13, 2011

Marcus Day & Sunday playdate

Birthdays. Really, they are a lot of fun. Mom and Dad helped me celebrate Marcus Day (November 5th, if my adoring fans don't know) by opening presents, reading, and generally doing everything I wanted them to do. Every day should be Marcus Day. Mom also made delicious red velvet cake, one of her specialties. Mmm. Cake is good. Though it took some cajoling before I was willing to try it. With considerable gusto...

Woman, what are trying to feed me? Why are you poisoning me again?

I even got to blow out a candle*. I've been working on it...

Cake is good

So much to say. While eating cake.

My favorite present is definitely this one from Aunt Em:

Yes, there was a lovely gift inside the box, but the box is pretty fancy. And Tenzing and I both fit inside (no small thing, given the disc you might herniate picking up Tenzing).

Then the next day I had a little un-birthday playdate with some friends. We ate cake. (More cake!) And played on the jungle gym. It was a pretty good day.

Let's push over the tree...

Mason, you stud, you.

OMG, goldfish for lunch? It is my bday!!!

Maggie: I'm-so-excited-for-cake-song-la-la-la...

I have to wait? Life is so tragic. Such hardship at such a young age.

Fantastic Froggy Face

And then the next weekend I went to 1 birthday party. Two weeks later, I went to 2 birthday parties. On the same day. Maybe too much cake. And Mom and Dad were really tired after all my partying. It's bday season! With no end in sight! Hooray for cake!

Here's all the photos from Marcus Day weekend:

* Yes, that's a tea light that you see me blowing out.

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