Monday, October 10, 2011

On tap

The first weekend in October, Dad got his teeth cleaned. I know. Exciting.
Look at those pearly whites. I appear blinded by them.

Ok, not really, but it was not a wasted trip: The dentist told Dad about this awesome festival at City Park.

Here I am practicing my duck calls

New Orleans is the city of festivals -- we have them for music, animals, people, food, neighborhoods. If you can think of a reason to festival (e.g., days of the week ending in Y), then we've got it. Really, it's just that people here love to eat and drink and are always looking for an excuse to do one or both. We're pretty sure it would take a few years to actually go to every festival here -- and that would be with due diligence since there are often multiple per weekend.

That said, New Orleans on Tap is officially our new favorite festival. It combines beer and dogs.

Hmm, 2 of these cups have beer?I look awfully happy, so it's pretty hard to guess. Eeny meeny miney moe...

Honestly, who could ask for more. Let's count the ways it rocks:
  • good cause (SPCA-sponsored)
  • free admission
  • lots of dogs -- all shapes and sizes (Great Dane puppies are really cute in a gigantic kind of way...)
  • great food
  • awesome music that doesn't cause hearing damage
  • not too crowded
  • beer samples (because who really needs more than a little cup)
  • did I mention the dogs? A solid white basset hound. No more description is needed. And I really like those furry ones.

eyeing my next petting victim and considering going pre-dinner berzerkers

Rumor has it that the next festival involves costumes and this thing called candy*, so that sounds fun. That stupid hat Mom keeps trying to stick on my head isn't working for me, but...

*It's true: I don't actually know what candy is. All manner of baked goods -- yes, but not candy. Mom says it with a funny voice, so it must be good.
Hmm, wait, she kind of says broccoli in a fun voice, too. She's a tricky one that Mom. I'm on to her. Forget candy -- it's probably poison. Like frosting... Oh wait, I like frosting now.

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