Thursday, October 27, 2011

0, C220, w

What on Earth? What code is this of which you speak?
Well, Mom and I went for a little walk. My two favorite things to do on walks is to ask, "Uh dah?" (What's that?) and to play a game we call Captain Obvious, which involves pointing out stop signs, noses, dogs, birds, etc. Mom gets excited when I tell her all the stuff I know.

What Mom didn't realize was that the sole purpose of our walk this day was for me to practice my reading...
First there was zee-uh.

That's zero, for the uninitiated.

Then we hit too.

Cee too too zee-uh, to be more exact.

And then, just because I was really showing off, dub-uh.

Mom was pretty impressed, though I refused to play with those C23x series labels. Three. What a silly number. Everyone knows 0, 2, and 5 are the coolest. 7 isn't too bad. And 1 is ok, but 3? Come on.

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