Friday, October 21, 2011

Big Chair Shout Out

We all know that high chairs are for babies. And I.Am.NOT.A.Baby. I am a BIG BOY.
The biggest*.

Unfortunately, if you try to put me in a regular chair, the affect is something like this:


But not so conducive for eating. Or much else.

Enter Nana and Pops and their AWESOME, totally rocking (not literally) chair. For me.
My big boy ergonomically designed chair -- for the dining table (and beyond).

That will grow with me.

I like that I can get in and out by myself. Because we all know, "I do. I do." Plus, there's a place to rest my feet. That dangling action is really not conducive to eating.

special thanks to Blogger for rotating Mom's picture!

See: Much happier eating.

Besides, we all know that the Swedes (designers of the original Stokke chair) know a thing or 2* about furniture design.

I mean, see how happy this kid is about his Stokke? One can only hope that my enjoyment (and size) will reach this level for meal time.

Thanks to Nana and Pops! Happy Meal*** takes on a whole new meaning!

* apparently this attitude is known as a Napoleon Complex. Whatever that means.
** incidentally, 2 is my favorite number. So much so that I prefer to count zero, two, two, two, five. Mom didn't realize what a can or worms she opened in trying to get me to answer the question, "How old are you?" a little ahead of schedule.
*** I have no idea what a Happy Meal is. I also have no idea what a sucker is, which elicited a look of shock and, dare I say, extreme concern from a food vendor at the BBQ and Blues festival last weekend. Really, Mom, you gotta get on the ball and start teaching me about the the 6th food group.

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