Wednesday, April 28, 2010

JazzFest 2010

Mom and Dad took me to my first concert last weekend: JazzFest.
According to them, it was the best one yet (versus a monsoon 2 years ago and an unhatched me and sunburned scalp on Mom last year).

Here I am before we left. I was trying really hard to poop before we got there, so I'm concentrating. Hard.

Cool outfit right? (It's a Mimi special)

Mom and Dad got a great parking spot in Bayou St. John and the nice people across the street invited them over to their house party.

Mom thought it was a little early in the day for Tequila shots, so Dad had two!

(She whispered to me that any time of the day was too early for Tequila shots)

Mom and Dad finally made it to the official festivities and met up with Heather, John, and Sullivan, and Tiki, William, and Ryan. Here are the Bob-sy triplets:

We wandered around a bit and then went the Shell Tent to get water, nurse, and hang out a little...

And I met another Marcus. Can you believe it?

Then we went and listened to the Imagination Movers, who were really awesome. I mean, look at this crowd!

The parents get really in to it. Who knew that parents could get so into kid rock?
I totally enjoyed it.

I mean my nap :)

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