Friday, April 9, 2010

5 month check up

Thursday was a busy day. I clearly had a rugby match in the morning.
With Dad's tie. I must of won, since he isn't wearing one...

Then mom took me to the doctor for my check up. And Dr. Oates stuck me twice. Boo hoo! I was not happy, but forgot pretty quickly.

More importantly, I weighed in at an even 14 pounds.

And the doctor confirmed Mom's suspicion that I am a tall skinny kid:
14 pounds = 10-25th percentile
26.5 inches = 75-90th percentile

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Urbancowgrrl said...

EJ was a tall skinny baby until she was a year old and she normaled-out. Now she's a tall skinny kid. But that does not slow down her crazy-huge amounts of energy. It must run in the family.