Saturday, June 15, 2013

Hello mudda, hello fadda

I started camp at the JCC this week. It's awesome! I am having so much fun: we go swimming twice a day, play, do art projects, exercise, singing, dancing, and drama. (And naptime!)
testing out my new dinosaur nap mat
The counselors are all very kind, sweet, and funny. My favorite is Miss Shayla, who is actually the assistant director -- she likes me a lot and does a great Thing 2 impersonation. This week was Dr. Suess week, which ended with the counselors doing a funny skit based on Oh, The Places You Will Go. Amazing what substituting in the name Mordechai can do to a story...

I'm in the Chaverim 1 class with a lot of kids from school, but there are a lot of new kids in other classes that I get to make friends with, too. Our counselors are Miss Brooke, Mr. Preston, Miss Daniela, and Miss Heather.
Here's some pictures from the first week!
Water slide day!
Marcus and Becky enjoying a cool treat

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