Friday, August 24, 2012

So Happy Together...

You might think I mean Mom and Dad, since they just celebrated their big Oh-Five. Or is it One-Five? Well,   who's counting...
Or you might think I mean those dates I like to have to with Mama (or Mommy and Daddy). BTW, I told Mom that I'm going to marry her. She got all wistful about keeping me this age. Forever.
Silly woman, I got me some b-day presents to collect, so I best be aging in a hurry.

But, I'm not talking about either.

We ran into someone today. At the library.
You'll NEVER guess who.
Seriously. Dad couldn't even figure out after the following clues:
- He's short.
- He has big ears and a big nose.
- I know him really well.
- He's blue. (really Dad, that one should have given it away.)

Any idea?

I thought Mom was having a heart attack. She screamed (I believe: OhMahGodItsCORDYOhMahGodMarcusItsCORDY!!!), then she started flapping her arms like a chicken.
Maybe she was dancing? She does a mean chicken dance. I don't mean an ornery chicken -- just that she does the chicken dance very well.
Well, after she finished this bizarre new greeting ritual, she thrust Cordy towards me and wanted to know why I hadn't said hello yet.
Let me think, Mom. Possibly because there was no time to get a word in edge wise? And the shock. Lets face it, we hadn't seen each other in months. Cordy L'Orange (aka, the fraud) moved in. Mom told me maybe Cordy ran away. Or that I left him somewhere. Apparently, he got really into the computer or reading. We talked to the librarians just to make sure it was ok to bring him home.
Cordy and I picked up right where we left off -- shopping, reading, and eating lunch. Mom gave him a bath and Marcus sticker so we can ID him more easily.
Here he is meeting Cordy L'Orange -- they got along very well.

And here we all are hanging out.

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