Monday, August 27, 2012

Just call me Mr. I-don't-like-seaweed

We spent a blissful 10 days at the beach this summer, and Gramma and Grampa joined us for 5. Aside from that whole seaweed (and occasionally sand) thing, it was really fun. Best of all, it was mostly overcast, which was good for my whiteness (and probably good for Mom's brownness). I got to do lots of swimming and sand castle building and really expanded my eating repertoire. Grampa introduced me to burgers and mustard (and who knows what else when Mom and Dad weren't looking. Bwah ha ha. I'll never tell, Grampa!). And there was the ice cream. And donuts. And frozen fruit bars.
Can't wait to do it again next year!
Dad and Bill
Ice Cream: Yes, please
The highest peak in FL
I heart swimming with Gramma and Grampa!
Awesome playground. Less awesome: the rain clouds
Mom loves Walmart almost as much I do.
Getting our fitness on
The drown-Dad-game
Commandeering some other kids' boat. Gotta get one of these!
High 5: Pizza pizza!
More swimming!
DONUTS. Nuf said.
Here's all the rest:

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