Sunday, July 8, 2012


Cordy l'Orange
Who is, or course, orange.
(ha ha)
He is an aardvark.
The cutest and most cuddly of all animals.

Cordy l'Orange is very helpful: He likes to close the front door and lock it, and help me take my shoes off, and put my bib on. And clearly, he likes to help build house with my blocks. We've been having a good time.
I have to say, when Mom first saw him and his 6 brothers and sisters in the basket, I thought maybe (a) there were some blue cordies hiding and (b) that he was named "50% off". I soon realized that there were no blue cordies, but that these guys did have a few similarities with [Blue] Cordy. I decided orange could work, so Orange Cordy (aka Cordy l'Orange) rode home with me.
And we lived happily ever after*.
The end.

*That is, unless I see a Willoughby or small corduroy elephant in person again.

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