Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Passover and Easter

As mentioned previously, I have made peace with eggs. I don't love them or anything, but they're ok.
They're much better when they are filled with candy.

And that's just how they came a couple weeks ago at the neighborhood Easter Egg Hunt. With Donuts! No, I don't mean the eggs had donuts. I ate donuts and the eggs apparently ate candy. Kidding. Obviously eggs can't eat. That would be way too weird for breakfast if they could.
What I really want to know is: What is this Easter Bunny eating? And how large is he? Mom fed GeeGee good stuff all the time and he never made any candy-filled eggs. And by the looks of it, neither did any of those rabbits at the Feed Store last week. Regardless, it was a lot nicer picking up these droppings.
Reading Hoppy Passover over and over and over and over again was also fun. At least for me. More bricks, please!

Meeting bunnies during the week was super fun. Who knew they came in so many sizes and colors with so many different kinds of ears. Very fun. And soft. Apparently Mom has a little allergy she didn't know about until afterwards. Oops.
Hmm. Not the bunnies we saw.  But they all have different ears, too.
Look more closely.

Then Mom helped with the Passover Seder they were doing at school for all the kids. We all got our own seder plates and Haggadahs. Mom isn't entirely sure what the teachers each chose to read to the classes -- she missed that part because she was hiding from me (so as not to interrupt my day), chatting her head off, and guzzling matzoh ball soup. For some reason, only the older kids got soup -- toddlers and hot soup are apparently not a good combo...
Finally, last weekend, the Easter Bunny came and dropped off my own very special Curious George doll. I am beyond stoked, as George is one of my favorite characters. George and I have spent a lot of time bonding -- including going to the zoo today. George almost got too curious about one of the monkey enclosures. Good thing Mom stopped him...

That bunny, I really do wonder what he's eating. And where I can get some of it.

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