Sunday, January 1, 2012

Hanukkah and Christmas to New Years

Hanging out with my new friends Ella and Monty

It was pretty busy. So busy that I think Mom is still recovering... But we had a lot of fun. The season kicked off with Hanukkah. No latkes this year (those didn't go over too well with me last year), but we did have a lot of fun lighting our Chanukiah. For the uninitiated, I am super into candles. And so, it was a little hard for me to understand that I couldn't blow them out.

Regardless, I really liked the Hanukkah stories and songs that Mom and Dad read and the fun gifts that Mimi and Pop Pop sent. That screaming flying monkey has been a riot for the cats. It scares the bejeezus out of them every time.
And then Nana and Pops arrived, and I got to spend lots of time hanging out with them. Nana is very good at reading. I like that about her. She even read my new cookbook to me. And about seven...teen other books.

Me, Ella, Monty, and Nana and Pops

Nana and Pops joined us Christmas Eve for some Moussaka (Greek eggplant dish) and one of my most adventurous culinary moments:
I was sitting in Mom's lap.
Marcus do you want to try some of Mom's food?
I am now staring at Pops' plate.
Mom: Pops, I think Marcus wants to try some of your food.
Pops: Hmm, well, ok, sure, hold on.
Pops offers fork full to me. I accepts, chew -- and swallow, a Christmas miracle unto itself.
Mom: Mmmm, was that yuummy?
Marcus: No.
copious laughter...
Ahh, that Mom. So crafty. Always trying to poison me...

Christmas morning was funtastic, though our run was kind of a wash out. So we headed home and made cinnamon rolls instead. Apparently an ancient Holmes family tradition.* And then Nana and Pops returned for the real festivities. And an hour of non-stop present ripping.

It was a good time.

Pops was chief toy extractor and battery installer and Nana was on paper collection duty.

GeeGee was on in-your-face duty, as usual. I just worked on getting totally overstimulated by noon.
In the afternoon we went over to Aunt Donna's house and had a blast with some folks that we missed over Thanksgiving. And more presents. Of course. In case I didn't have enough practice in the morning.

Group effort to unwrap my present!

My cousin, Rachel, showing me the finer points of demolition

The rest of the week, we spent a lot of time with Nana and Pops and visited or entertained more family.

And Mom and Dad went to the movies -- for the 2nd time since I entered their lives. They were pretty excited.

The year rolled out on a bang -- literally, as the neighborhood sounded like a war zone with fire crackers. Peace out 2011! We all went to bed early and then Mom spent several hours holding a terrified Gleason. No small task. I was totally unfazed by all the shenanigans and even slept in until 6.30.
2012 is looking to be pretty spectacular already.

* The tradition being making and eating cinnamon rolls on Christmas Day, not replacing the rainy run with baked goods.

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