Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Flashlights, car wash, and tea

How on Earth do those things go together? Well, they don't unless you happen to be Mom and Dad's memory card.

Many of my devoted fans know that I get the cabinet under the sink. Rather than have to worry about me killing myself with cleaning products (as opposed to throwing myself off the sofa), Mom long ago removed them and put things that are fun for me. Like extra paper towels and sponges. And flashlights. Really, what's not to love?


So elegant in its simplicity...

Last weekend, in between trying to kill myself and playing with the flashlights, I helped Dad wash his car. Good times. That hose thing just keeps getting more fun.

Just 2 cool dudes scrubbing the tires...

We are a little matchy-matchy -- that's because Dad is truly a fashion icon.

Yesterday, I had tea* with some of my teddies and Dragon. I walked into the kitchen, opened the fridge (yes, one of my AMAZING new talents about which Mom and Dad are THRILLED), and told Mom that we needed grapes. For whatever reason, this time she gave me what I wanted! Why doesn't this approach work with cookies? And then she took out my new tea set that looks just like the one in Bella and Stella Come Home, one of my favorite books. The teddies and Dragon all really liked the grapes, I thought they were tasty, and it was a lot of fun putting them in the tea cups, pot and sugar bowl. It was a win-win situation.

* Our tea was actually grapes. To-may-to, to-mah-to, whatever.

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